His Wolven Warrior by Kelex

His Wolven Warrior by Kelex

Author:Kelex [Kelex]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Tags: anal sex, anal play, asian, erotic romance, flogging, gay, gay erotica, gay erotic romance, kelex, light bdsm, mm, oral sex, rimming, romance, shifter, spanking, twisted epublishing, violence, voyeurism, wolf shifters, wolves
Publisher: Twisted E-Publishing
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

* * * *

Darkness fell outside Tanner’s apartment. Takeo had lain in wait within Asher’s bedroom for hours now, awaiting the male to return home. Luckily, Tanner wasn’t home, either. He couldn’t be a witness to what Takeo was about to do.

He’d been following Asher for weeks now.

Nothing had seemed amiss. Time passed, and Takeo took note of the smaller twin’s day-to-day schedule. Mostly, it was home to work, work to geeky thing, geeky event to home. The guy was like clockwork and didn’t seem to have a life outside computers.

But then a curveball had come.

While away at the convention, Asher had been fastidious. Being surrounded by humans, he’d seemed more hawk-eyed, watching everything around him with a curiosity Takeo had never seen in Tanner’s brother.

Or maybe Asher had somehow sensed him there. The city was so full of people, Takeo blended easier. He’d stuck out a bit more in the hotel.

Regardless, it had made it harder to keep track of Asher. Takeo had had to stay farther away… and he’d lost the male a time or two. Those moments had been brief, but it had been enough time.

Enough time to miss an opportunity.

Now he needed to be sure before he made a huge mistake.

Takeo heard the doorknob turning outside the room and his body stiffened, ready for whatever came.

Footsteps drew closer…

And Asher entered the bedroom. Takeo drew in a silent breath, noting the male’s scent was off. But just barely… it wasn’t enough to prove anything.

Asher began to shove some of his things into a bag, moving quickly around the room. A cell phone rang—and Asher fished out a small flip phone.

Not the iPhone he normally carried.


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