His Honey (The Wounded Souls Book 2) by Leah Sharelle

His Honey (The Wounded Souls Book 2) by Leah Sharelle

Author:Leah Sharelle [Sharelle, Leah]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-05-14T18:30:00+00:00



Holding myself at the wet entrance of Stella’s pussy, I took a second to calm myself. Coming now would somewhat destroy the mood, and the mood in the bed was fucking hot as fuck. Eating out my woman’s pussy was an experience I would be repeating over and over and over. Her taste was intoxicating, sweet and perfect, but as I prepared to take the most precious gift she could give me, I felt a little nervous. It had been a long time for me despite my subterfuge with Ingrid. I did not want to hurt Stella—she had felt enough pain at the hands of men, and fuck if I was to be one of those arseholes—but this was a good pain, I reminded myself, nothing that would leave a bruise. Just my heart in her hands forever.

Bracing myself, I rubbed the head of my cock back and forth through her folds. She was so fucking wet. She didn’t come while I was down there. I had planned to make her come with my tongue, but then my little minx put a spanner in the works by dipping her finger into her pussy and fed herself to me. Fuck me, it had been so hot that I’d had no choice but to stop. Otherwise, I would have come right then and there, like a damn teenager, on the crisp white clean sheets Stella washed for me. She had already made me come in my jeans once, and this time, I wanted to come in her.

Lowering my body down closer to hers, I pushed my way slowly into her heat. Oh, fuck me, goddamn fucking heaven. Slowly, I kept pushing forward and felt the thin barrier, proof of her innocence. Proof she was irrevocably mine. With a quick flick of my hips, I broke through at the same time I dropped my mouth to hers, absorbing her cry of distress. I hated that she was hurting, even though there was no getting past it. It ate at me that I was the cause. Distracting her with my kiss, I held myself deep inside her tightness, and fuck was she tight. My dick felt like he was being strangled. Such a fucking awesome feeling. The pain of it was pure pleasure. It was hard not to let myself come right then as I held myself still deep inside my honey.

I continued to kiss Stella until I felt her rock her hips under me, her moans now full of desire.

“You okay, Honey.” I could hear the concern in my voice. Never had I felt such a strong desire to make sure a woman’s pleasure was more important than mine.

“Yeah, baby, I’m great.” A soft moan whispered against my mouth.

Seriously, I fucking loved it when she called me baby. Loved it so much, I didn’t think I would even mind if she called me that in front of my brothers.

I pulled back my hips just a fraction because that was all I could go, her tight grip on me not letting me move too much.


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