He's the One by unknow

He's the One by unknow

Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Anthologies (Multiple Authors), Romance, Contemporary, Collections & Anthologies
ISBN: 0758210957
Publisher: Kensington
Published: 2013-06-25T06:00:00+00:00

Chapter Two

The diner wasn’t the ideal place for his homecoming kiss, Brad Davis thought, but he could never deny Violet anything. Sex was waiting to happen. Yet all he could give her at that moment was a kiss. He hated to start what he wouldn’t be able to finish.

His pulse picked up as he looked down on her face. Damn, she was beautiful. Her eyelids were shuttered, her light brown lashes long. Her blond ponytail shadowed one cheek. Her lips were inviting, full and generous. The flick of her tongue aroused him.

He put his forefinger and thumb under her chin and tilted her head back farther. Their past emerged with a hungry need and embraced them both. His mind shut down as his body turned on. The light brush of her lips made him instantly stiff. Her mouth was sweet and yielding. What started as a short kiss lasted a good long while.

Never breaking their kiss, he slowly turned her to face him. She wound her arms about his neck and went smooth against him. The softness of her breasts pushed into his chest. His erection settled between the V of her thighs. His hands slid up her sides to cup her full breasts. His thumbs rubbed across her nipples, drawing them to points.

He kept going, in spite of himself.

He scrolled his knuckles down her ribs, then circled her navel. He went on to caress her lower spine, her bottom, the crease of her ass through her short cotton skirt. The skirt bunched high on her thighs. He stroked the smooth, tan backs of her bare legs.

His libido was hyped, and he had the wild urge to walk her backward toward the storeroom, to open the door and slip inside. To take her with the passion of a man long without his woman.

It was not to be. Reality soon separated them. He drew back and exhaled his frustration. Violet looked dazed, confused. Flushed. He wanted to go on, reconnect with her sexually, but their timing was off. Molly could return at any minute. Locals would soon cluster for their daily chat and slice of afternoon pie. The last thing he wanted was for Molly to catch them in the act. He held great respect for both Violet and her aunt.

That didn’t make the situation any easier. He had to face the facts. He and Vi were older now. Lives changed in five years. The days of their slipping into the back room for sex had passed. The next time they went horizontal it would be on a big, comfortable bed. He wondered if she had her own home or if she still lived with her parents.

He thought back to the day he’d left town. He’d packed their goals and dreams in his heart and driven off in his Chevy. Now, returning on a summer day in mid-July, he looked much the same as when he’d left, scruffy and broke. He wore clothes from his laundry basket and his high school sneakers.


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