Hello, My Name is Awesome by Alexandra Watkins

Hello, My Name is Awesome by Alexandra Watkins

Author:Alexandra Watkins
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Published: 2014-07-02T16:00:00+00:00

Secret #5: Longer Names Are OK

The popular belief is that a short domain name is better than a long one because it will be easier to remember. That’s not always true. According to a recent article in Forbes, DollarShaveClub.com has net sales of around $1.1 million each month. And how can anyone forget the fabulous name of the online furnishings store PreviouslyOwnedByAGayMan.com?

If a longer name is more descriptive and easier to comprehend, it will be more memorable than a short, meaningless name. For example, rcbn.com is short but completely meaningless. It won’t mean anything to potential customers or a search engine because there are no real words in it. However, if that is an acronym for a business named Rapid City Book Nook, then RapidCityBookNook.com would have meaning for human eyes and search engines. So short isn’t always better.

Short names became popular for .coms, giving everyone the false impression that a short domain name was essential. While it may have been good to have a short name years ago, now it’s not important because web browsers magically auto-fill addresses while we type them. And what good is a short name if it’s completely meaningless, hard to spell, and impossible to pronounce?

A recent check of a secondary domain name seller revealed many four- and five-letter domain names for sale. How many can you pronounce? How many would be spelled correctly with voice recognition software?


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