Frommer's Las Vegas by Mary Herczog

Frommer's Las Vegas by Mary Herczog

Author:Mary Herczog [Herczog, Mary]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: General, Travel, United States, West, Pacific, Las Vegas (Nev.)
ISBN: 9780470384312
Publisher: Frommer's
Published: 2008-10-17T19:20:57+00:00

Chapter 6: What to See & Do in Las Vegas

You aren’t going to lack for things to do in Las Vegas. More than likely, you’ve come here for the gambling, which should keep you pretty busy. (We say that with some understatement.) But you can’t sit at a slot machine forever. (Or maybe you can.) In any event, it shouldn’t be too hard to find ways to fill your time between poker hands.

Just walking on the Strip and gazing at the gaudy, garish, absurd wonder of it all can occupy quite a lot of time. This is the number-one activity we recommend in Vegas; at night, it is a mind-boggling sight. And, of course, there are shows and plenty of other nighttime entertainment. But if you need something else to do beyond resting up at your hotel’s pool, or if you are trying to amuse yourself while the rest of your party gambles away, this chapter will guide you. Having said that, Vegas is firmly set in such an “adult” entertainment direction that many attractions, particularly those with kid appeal, have closed, and though new, equally expensive options may come along to take their place, the emphasis right now seems to be on mature fun—drinking, gambling, nightclubbing, and the like—and spas to help you recover from the effects of same. Put it that way, and it doesn’t sound all that bad.

Don’t forget to check out the free hotel attractions, such as Bellagio’s water-fountain ballet, The Mirage’s volcano, the MGM lions, and the Mardi Gras show at the Rio. Oh, yeah, and the utter piece of hooey that masquerades as the pirate show at TI–Treasure Island. (The pirates now battle scantily clad women. Except it’s even worse than that.) You can probably give that a miss.

You could also consider using a spa at a major hotel; they seem too pricey (as high as $30 a day) to fill in for your daily gym visit if you are just going to use a few machines, but spending a couple of hours working out, sweating out Vegas toxins in the steam room, and generally pampering yourself will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to go all night again.

There are also plenty of out-of-town sightseeing options, such as Hoover Dam (a major tourist destination), Red Rock Canyon, and excursions to the Grand Canyon. We’ve listed the best of these in chapter 10.


The itineraries outlined here are for adults. If you’re traveling with kids, incorporate some of the suggestions from “Especially for Kids,” listed later in this chapter. The activities mentioned briefly here are described more fully later in this chapter.

IF YOU HAVE 1 DAY Spend most of the day casino-hopping. These are buildings like no other (thank goodness). Each grandiose interior tops the last. You’ll want to see Wynn Las Vegas, no longer the newest thing going thanks to The Venetian’s Palazzo annex, but the latter is less of a destination in and of itself. But also be


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