Follow Me by Sara Shepard

Follow Me by Sara Shepard

Author:Sara Shepard
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Disney Book Group
Published: 2017-11-23T05:00:00+00:00

THE PARTY THRUMMED and shimmered around them. Kids splashed down the waterslide. Someone called, “Limbo!” Aerin was astonished the world could continue so happily apace despite what was happening to her.

Hastily, Thomas loosened his grip, but he still held on to her wrist as though he feared she might bolt. He faced the party again. For a moment, they stood silently side by side, like strangers on a curb waiting for the light to change. “I think I know why you’ve been avoiding me,” he finally murmured. “Brett told you not to tell anyone, right?”

Aerin swallowed hard. Her blood felt like ice in her veins.

“But if you think I’m going to just sit back and watch this happen without helping, you’re crazy.”

“Thomas, you need to go,” Aerin said frantically. “This isn’t safe—for any of us.”

“He’s here, isn’t he? That’s why you’re here.”

Aerin’s jaw twitched. “Have you been spying on me?”

The mask bobbed, and for a moment, Thomas didn’t speak. “No. Okay, maybe. Okay, yes. I’ve been watching you all day, and all yesterday, too. And I overheard Seneca say something about Brett sending her a message earlier. Are you guys communicating with him?”

“Shhh,” Aerin said, feeling uneasy. Come to think of it, she had felt paranoid someone was watching them that morning…but she’d chalked it up to nerves. She glanced over her shoulder, wondering who else could be listening now. Every shifting body, every lurking presence in a mask filled her with paralyzing dread and fear. On instinct, she moved a little closer to Thomas. As complicated as she felt about him being here, she needed protection. All of a sudden, she weakened. How bad would it be if she told Thomas everything? He’d already practically figured out the whole story on his own anyway, and he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

She sighed. “Fine. He’s here. But keep your voice down. He said that if we went to the police, Chelsea would die. You’re ex-police, so…”

“Got it,” Thomas said, his voice full of vindication.

As briefly as she could, Aerin filled Thomas in on some other details—Brett’s letter, the CNC posts, and their suspects thus far. “Brett said he’d be here tonight—with a surprise,” she added. “But I don’t see him yet.”

Thomas peered around the party. To an onlooker, he just seemed like a guy in a mask standing next to a pretty blond girl in a sundress, trying to figure out how to talk to her. Aerin noticed Seneca reappear, look her way, and frown. She could tell Seneca was about to come over, but she waved in an I’m-okay gesture.

The party had swelled in size in the past half hour. A horde of surfers chatted in the corner. A few girls who’d complimented Aerin’s purse earlier that day waved from the beer keg. She noticed Gabriel Wilton, the party host, wearing a large Napoleon-style hat that completely engulfed his head and a heavy-looking blue blazer with gold tassels on the epaulets. He stood next to a guy who


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