Eternal Security: Can You Be Sure? by Charles F. Stanley & Sam Butcher

Eternal Security: Can You Be Sure? by Charles F. Stanley & Sam Butcher

Author:Charles F. Stanley & Sam Butcher [Stanley, Charles F. & Butcher, Sam]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Salvation, Religion, Christian Life, Bible Study
ISBN: 9780785264170
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Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Published: 2002-09-01T17:49:12+00:00

The Bible not only states that our salvation is secure despite our faithlessness but illustrates this truth as well. The weakness of these illustrations, however, is that they argue from silence. In these instances, the Bible never actually says, "Even though he lost his faith, he did not lose his salvation." But neither does the text assert that a particular person or group abandoned the faith and thus lost salvation. Thus, readers are left to decide for themselves.

The strength of this argument lies in the fact that there are several individuals in the Scripture who stopped believing for a time and yet their salvation is never questioned. Even during the period of time in which their faith wavered, their eternal security is never debated.

If salvation is contingent on the continuity of faith, these narratives would have been the perfect places to set forth this significant bit of theology. Yet, as we will see, these portions of Scripture are used to confirm the very opposite view. In each case we find that God remains faithful, even to the faithless.

The Man with Failing Faith


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