D.L. Line - Head Trip by D.L. Line

D.L. Line - Head Trip by D.L. Line

Author:D.L. Line
Language: fr
Format: mobi
ISBN: 9781602824867
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books, Inc.
Published: 2011-06-16T11:40:29+00:00

Chapter Nine

Shelby’s eyes snapped open.


Her hand flew to the painful spot on the left side of her forehead. “Oh, shit, she shot me.” Panic-stricken, Shelby panted, breath coming hard in short bursts as she checked her hand for the blood she felt certain would be there. “What the fuck?” No blood. “But she shot me…I don’t…” Her heart continued to race as her eyes darted from side to side. “Where…what?”

“Shel?” A male voice. Shelby didn’t recognize it.

“Who are you?” Shelby was terrified. “Where is Tasha? Did you see what she did?”

The guy looked scared, as he got up from his chair in the corner and approached tentatively. “Shel…it’s me…Jake. Who is Tasha?”

“Jake?” Shelby tried to sit up. A tidal wave of vertigo washed over her. She fell back onto the bed and closed her eyes in an attempt to stop the spinning and the confusion.

“Shel, you’re in the emergency room.”

“Emergency room? Where?”

“Chicago.” She felt strong hands wrap around her upper arms. “You’re in the ER at Northwestern Memorial. Work, remember?”

“Northwestern Memorial? Work?” She knew this guy. Familiar brown eyes. Puzzled expression on his face. She knew this place. The white tile walls seemed familiar. She could hear the hum of machinery, punctuated by the occasional electronic beep, and muted bits of conversation. And the disinfectant smell. She recognized that too. “What happened?”

“You had a seizure. You don’t remember anything?”

Shelby shrugged.

“We were talking. You were telling me about your trip. And then you said ‘ow,’ grabbed your head, and boom, down you went.”

“Just like that?” Shelby didn’t remember any of it.

“Just like that.” Jake offered her a small smile. “You scared the shit out of me.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean—”

“Forget about it. Do you feel better now?”

“I feel like somebody tried to blow my brains out.” Without thinking, Shelby gently touched the spot over her left eye with her fingertips.

“Tasha?” he said.

Shelby panicked, gripped the rails of the bed, and tried to get up again. “Tasha! What? Is she here?”

Jake clamped down on her arms, pinning her back to the bed while she struggled to get up. “No, Shel. Take it easy. No one’s here. Who is Tasha?”

She breathed a little easier hearing Jake’s reassurance and quit struggling enough that he let go of her arms. “Tasha? She’s the Russian babe. You know…fine ass…shot me in the head.”

“Shel? What happened? Besides the shot you in the head business. I get that part. Is that why your vacation ended early?”

It was all coming back to her now. “Yes, my vacation ended early because Tasha shot me. Well, come to think of it, she executed me, but why quibble about words?”

“Quibble? Executed? What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything, Jake. I just didn’t—” The door opened and a man in a white coat stepped into the room.

“Ms. Hutchinson? Are we feeling better now?”

“We? Not sure about we. I feel like death warmed over.” She looked up to meet the doctor’s eyes. “Sorry.”

“No, no, Ms. Hutchinson. I understand. Does your head still hurt?”

Shelby nodded.

“Still dizzy? Nauseous? A little disoriented?”

Shelby nodded to all of the above.


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