Developing Your Assertiveness by 50MINUTES.COM

Developing Your Assertiveness by 50MINUTES.COM

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Effective communication

Understanding the need to express yourself is the first step. But how can you actually do this? Start by preparing what you are going to say based on real, tangible facts, which you can identify using the questions “Why? What? Where? When? How? How much?” This is a way of presenting the facts objectively and precisely, without relying on generalisations, personal opinions or accusations. Basing your argument on familiar information will boost your confidence and enable you to express yourself more easily, because it will be difficult to challenge what you are saying.

When expressing your feelings and needs, remain calm and communicate in a way that is appropriate for the situation. This will reduce the tension and make it easier for both sides to see eye to eye. Make sure that what you say is meaningful and formulate clear, concise demands, secure in the knowledge that this will make things better for both sides. During the conversation, let the other person express themselves and listen to their point of view. The examples below illustrate the approaches to avoid and the approaches to adopt in order to develop assertive behaviour.


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