Demon Moon by Cameron Dane

Demon Moon by Cameron Dane

Author:Cameron Dane [Dane, Cameron]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Romance, Western, Fantasy
ISBN: 9781596325647
Goodreads: 4770494
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC
Published: 2007-10-02T07:00:00+00:00

44 Cameron Dane

Cassie watched Connor’s gaze fall to her chest, watched his jaw tick when he noticed that her nipples were already aching points of sensitivity just waiting to be touched. His gaze slid back up to hers, and she gulped.

“Then you’d better be prepared to spread your legs and take the fucking of your young life, because I won’t be satisfied with just looking, Cassandra.” She swore his already black eyes went even darker. “I’m going to want to touch, and take, and brand. I won’t stop until you absolutely cannot take any more. Truthfully, I’m not sure I’d even be able to stop then.”

With that raw declaration that she was sure was meant to send her running to safety, Cassie took the opening for which she had waited five years to find. She reached up, pushed the ruched fabric at her shoulders down her arms, and bared her breasts to Connor.

He took a step forward but seemed to think better of it and moved back against the wall.

“You torture a wild animal, sweet girl, and you will not come out of it without some of your own blood spilled.” He wouldn’t look her in the eye, and the slight stabbed equally at Cassie’s love and irritation. “Put your clothes back on, Cassandra. Go away before you regret the impulsive choices you have made this night.”

Cassie left the top portion of her dress hanging down from her waist like suspenders, and then made the move forward that Connor seemed unwilling to make. She reached up and unsnapped the first button on his black shirt. With a hunger that she had never experienced before, she watched his Adam’s apple bob convulsively in his throat. She had never wanted anything as much as she wanted Connor Hawkins to make love to her and ease the constant need for him that lived between her legs.

“I think it is you who have regrets,” she told him as she popped open another snap, revealing a fine smattering of hair that covered his chest. She was so close she could feel his heat pushing into her airspace and raising the temperature in the room by considerable degrees. “I think you regret admitting that you desire me.”


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