Damage Control by Jae

Damage Control by Jae

Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Romance, LGBT, Erotica, Contemporary, Fiction
ISBN: 9783955333706
Publisher: Ylva Publishing
Published: 2015-03-31T22:00:00+00:00


At first, it had been a little weird to see her colleagues kiss, but after the first two takes, Grace realized it wasn’t any different than watching a film kiss between a man and a woman. Of course not. What did you expect, idiot?

“Can you turn a little to the left, Lorena?” Leonard Pearce called from his director’s chair while the prop people prepared the third take. “Slide your hand into her hair but don’t hide her face.”

Lorena followed directions, looking as if she didn’t mind kissing another woman.

And why would she? Grace thought as she watched them do another take of the kiss scene. This is probably more pleasant than having to kiss Russ. With all his stubble, kissing her co-star in Ava’s Heart had at times felt like kissing a hedgehog.

Amanda lay stretched out on a hotel bed, watching Lorena dress. “I don’t like this. Why can’t I be the decoy?”

Lorena slipped into her high heels and walked over to her. “Because you, my darling,” she bent and pressed a kiss to Amanda’s nose, “have a gambling problem that is pretty much common knowledge. He’d get suspicious if he saw you at a poker table.”

“Don’t think I’ll let you out of my sight for even a second,” Amanda said with a fiercely protective expression.

“I’m counting on it.” Lorena looked down at her. “But don’t worry so much. I can do this.”

“Is the wire in place?” Amanda asked, still not looking happy.

Lorena nodded. “Yeah. But there’s one more thing I need…” She bent and kissed Amanda, who immediately kissed her back. “For luck,” Lorena breathed. She kissed her again and then turned and strode away.

“Cut!” Leonard called. “That’s it! Great work, you two. Let’s take a short break and then shoot the last scene.”

Activity broke out all over the set as lights were adjusted and cameras rolled into new positions.

Amanda and Lorena walked over to Grace. “Nervous?” Amanda asked.

“No. It’s not a dangerous stunt. I think I’d be more nervous about having to do a kiss scene.”

“Oh, yeah.” Amanda nodded vigorously. “I hate those too.”

Lorena elbowed her. “Are you implying I’m a bad kisser?”

“I guess you do all right,” Amanda said, trying for a bored expression.

Another elbow hit her in the ribs. “You didn’t look like you were suffering much a minute ago.”

Grace watched them banter back and forth, wondering if she would be as relaxed if she had to kiss a female colleague. She tried to imagine soft lips against her own, a hint of perfume teasing her nose, silky hair against her skin as she ran her fingers through the short, brunette strands. Uh, short? Lorena’s hair was really long this season, brushing her shoulder blades. Maybe she’d thought of short hair because that was what she was used to — kissing men.

“Ms. Durand?” the stunt coordinator called. “We’re ready for you.”

Grace shook herself out of her daze and hurried over for some last-minute instructions.


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