Cowgirl Power by Gay Gaddis

Cowgirl Power by Gay Gaddis

Author:Gay Gaddis
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Center Street
Published: 2018-01-16T00:00:00+00:00

Bring Along Sacks of Hope, Change, and Energy with You

I walked into a bar in New York one afternoon after work to meet one of my clients. He was standing at the bar and said, “I just ordered a bottle of wine with a straw. What do you want?” He had had a rough day. So I pulled up a chair and listened. He was managing global marketing for a major pharmaceutical company and was beyond frustrated with how hard it was to implement change across such a huge organization. We did not find an answer that afternoon, but he was in a much better mood when we left because I listened to him vent.

Your customers want tangible results; that’s the price of entry. But I have learned over the years that they want more. Many of our clients are in large organizations that are high-pressure environments often burdened by bureaucracy, complexity, and frequent management changes. If we can get them the results they need and then go one step further, we build powerful relationships. Clients often see us as change agents who can make their corporate lives better, or at least more fun. If we come in with creative concepts, a positive can-do attitude sprinkled with fun, and a few proactive big ideas, we make them smile and give them hope and energy. We actually can power them up to go back and effect positive change in their companies—which furthers their careers. And ours.

I have had so many clients tell me, “You are the highlight of my day. You come in upbeat with fresh ideas and challenge us with new thinking.” We purposefully walk in with positive energy, excited by the work we are going to present, and it is so fun to see the smiles we leave behind.

We worked for a small nonprofit hospital in Temple, Texas, that remodeled their emergency room and wanted to attract more patient volume by becoming more of a walk-in clinic than a formal ER. This little hospital was literally across the street from one of the biggest, finest hospital systems in the country, Scott & White.

Great advertising campaigns are usually built upon a known belief, something that people believe is authentic and true. We did a few focus groups and found that Scott & White was notorious for long ER wait times. Everyone in the Temple area joked that Scott & White’s “S&W” logo stood for “Sit & Wait.” We seized on that insight and started a radio and television campaign that proclaimed our ER was for people who did not want to “Sit and Wait.” The entire community got the joke, but what was so special was the impact it had on our client’s staff. Their morale jumped because, for once, they stood tall and were able to best their very capable competitor. It was a huge emotional win for the entire organization, and the campaign won top national hospital marketing awards. Plus, we could measure the financial uptick from the ER visits and hospital stays coming from the ER.


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