Blessed in the Darkness by Joel Osteen

Blessed in the Darkness by Joel Osteen

Author:Joel Osteen
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Religion / Christian Life / Inspirational, Religion / Christian Life / Personal Growth, Religion / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth, Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational
Publisher: FaithWords
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Nothing Goes Unnoticed

This is what happened to a young man in the Scripture named Mephibosheth. He was the grandson of King Saul and the son of Jonathan. Born into royalty, he was destined to one day take the throne. His future was bright. As a child he was cared for by loving nurses and people who treated him with kindness, doing their best to meet his every need. They knew they were dealing with the future king. But when he was five years old, his father, Jonathan, and grandfather King Saul were both killed in a battle. A messenger came to Mephibosheth’s house telling the bad news and that the enemy was on its way to wipe out all of King Saul’s family. A nurse picked up little Mephibosheth and in a panic took off running as fast as she could to try to save the boy’s life. She had good intentions, she was trying to help him, but in her haste as they fled, she dropped Mephibosheth. Both of his legs were broken, and he became crippled and could no longer walk.

Mephibosheth didn’t do anything wrong. It wasn’t his fault. Yet he had to pay the price for somebody else’s mistake for the rest of his life. It didn’t seem fair. Sometimes well-meaning people can drop us. They don’t mean to hurt us, but perhaps they made a mistake and said or did something they shouldn’t have. They were working hard, struggling to make ends meet, and they weren’t there when we needed them. Or they had bad habits, addictions that were passed down to them, which they’ve now passed down to us. They weren’t bad people, their hearts were for us, but like this nurse they dropped us. Now we’re crippled with low self-esteem, with addictions, with negativity, with depression. It’s keeping us from our destiny.

Mephibosheth was the grandson of the king, had royalty in his blood, and was destined for the palace. But he ended up living in a place called Lo Debar, which was one of the poorest, most run-down cities of that day, a dark place. Year after year went by, and I’m sure he thought, Everybody has forgotten about me. I used to be somebody important and respected. I used to have big dreams and was excited about life, but look at me now. I’m crippled and living in the slums. I don’t have any friends, nobody cares about me, and none of this was even my fault. Somebody dropped me. He felt alone and forgotten, as though it would never change.

But nothing goes unnoticed with our God. God saw that his father had been killed and taken away from him at an early age. God saw the well-meaning nurse drop him. God saw his once-normal legs, with which he could run, jump, and play, become crippled, resulting in his having to be carried around. God saw the poverty and lack he was living in. God didn’t just sit back and say, “Boy, Mephibosheth, you sure had some bad breaks.


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