Black Dawn by Smith L J

Black Dawn by Smith L J

Author:Smith, L J [Smith, L J]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Published: 1997-06-10T04:00:00+00:00

"If he let you go, it was so he could come backand hunt you," Jeanne said flatly. "I'm telling you, he's bad. It was three years ago that the old king died and Delos took over, okay? And it was three years ago that they started bringing new slaves in. Not just grabbing people off the mountain if they got too close, but actually going down and kidnapping girls off the streets. That's why I'm here. That's why P.J.'s here."

Beside Maggie, P.J. shivered. Maggie put an arm around her and felt the slight body shaking against hers. She gulped, her other hand clenching into a fist. "Hey, kiddo. You've been really brave so far, so just hang on, okay? Things are going to work out."

She could feel Jeanne's sarcastic eyes on her from beyond Cady, daring her to explain exactly how things were going to work out. She ignored them.

"Was it the same for you, Cady?" she asked. She was glad to get off the subject of Delos, and she was remembering the strange thing Cady had said last night. I was coming here for a reason....

"No. They got me on the mountain." But the way Cady spoke alarmed Maggie. It was slowly and with obvious effort, the voice of someone who had touse all their strength just to concentrate.

Maggie forgot all about Delos and the slave trade and put a hand to Cady's forehead. "Oh, God," she said. "You're burning up. You're totally on fire."

Cady blinked slowly. "Yes-it's the poison," she said in a foggy voice. "They injected me with something when they caught me - but I had a bad reaction to it. My system can't take it."

Adrenaline flicked through Maggie. "And you're getting worse." When Cady nodded reluctantly, she said, "Right. Then there's no choice. We have to get to the castle because that's where the healing women are, right? If anybody can help, they can, right?"

"Wait a minute," Jeanne said. "We can't go down to the castle. We'd be walking right into their arms. And we can't get out of the valley. I found the pass before, but that was by accident. I couldn't find it again

"I could," Maggie said. When Jeanne stared at her, she said, "Never mind how. I just can. But going that way means climbing down a mountain on the other side and Cady can't make it. And I don't think she'll make it if we leave her alone here and go look for help."

Jeanne's narrow green eyes were on her again, and Maggie knew what they were saying. So we've got to give up on her. It's the only thing that makes sense. But Maggie bulldozed on in determination. "You can take P.J. to the pass - I can telly ou how to get there - and Ill take Cady to the castle. How about that? If you can tell me how to get to it."

"It stinks,"Jeanne said flatly. "Even if you make it to the castle with her hanging on you, you won't know how to get in.


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