Becoming the Iceman by Wim Hof

Becoming the Iceman by Wim Hof

Author:Wim Hof
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Mill City Press

Day 1: April 30, 2010

I woke up to the feeling of someone tapping me on the shoulder; it was the person sitting next to me. The flight attendants were bringing around breakfast and he was kind enough to wake me up for the meal. I looked at my watch and the face read 11:37 PM (EST), meaning it was 5:37 AM (CET). I had less than an hour before we touched down in Amsterdam. My eyes were still heavy, but I fought the urge to go back to sleep and awaited the flight attendant.

The cheese omelet that I was served for breakfast was filling. It provided me with the energy that I needed to not fall back asleep. With half an hour left before landing in the Amsterdam airport, my mind ran wild.

What if he forgot and doesn't show up?

What if it was all a joke and no one would be waiting for me in the airport?

What would I do for the next several days?

Where would I sleep?

I calmed myself down by remembering that if something went horribly wrong, I could phone home to my parents and work something out. At that point my mind let go of the "worst case scenarios" and began to think of all the amazing things that would happen if the infamous Iceman was actually waiting for me in the airport.

My plane stopped at the gate at 7:04 AM (CET). By the time I had cleared customs and retrieved my bags, it was 8:05 AM (CET). There were hundreds of people standing around the gate. I looked around for a few minutes, but Wim was nowhere to be found. I considered asking security for help, but when I had finally found someone working for security, I noticed a giant gun strapped around his neck. It wasn't the handgun that you typically see an officer carrying in the line of duty; it was a weapon that looked awfully similar to a machinegun. I decided to take my chances on my own.

After an hour of walking around the place, searching for Wim, I sat down in a Starbucks located on the opposite corner of the building. I pulled out my laptop and tried to check my email to see if he had sent me anything, only to realize that the Internet was not free. Fail. So, I decided to go for the next best thing. I pulled up Wim's phone number from my computer and went to find the nearest pay-phone.

On the way to the payphone, I realized that I had no European currency on me. Luckily, when I came to this realization, I was standing near a currency exchange booth. I converted the $150 that my parents had given me in case of emergencies, and then went to find the nearest phone booth.

At 9:00 AM (CET), I finally found a payphone. It took me another 10 minutes to figure out how to use the thing, but eventually the phone was ringing and a little boy's voice answered the phone.


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