Barefoot in the Sand by Claire Roxanne St

Barefoot in the Sand by Claire Roxanne St

Author:Claire, Roxanne St. [Claire, Roxanne St.]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Contemporary Women, Contemporary, General, Romance, Erotica, Fiction, Fiction / Romance - Contemporary
ISBN: 9781455508228
Publisher: Forever
Published: 2012-04-24T07:00:00+00:00

Chapter 19

For a second Lacey felt nothing but numb. Blank brain, deadened heart, no sensation. Just shocked and speechless as she watched the man she’d let take her to an orgasm with nothing but his mouth bound up the aisle of the meeting room, his long hair fluttering around his handsome face, his broad shoulders braced as if he were going into battle, his summer-sky blue eyes locked on her.

Charity was right. She’d been taken by his good looks.

How could she be such a fool?

“However, every charge was dropped,” he continued as he strode toward the front. “That information is out of date and invalid, erased from all records, and I have an affidavit to prove that, notarized just one hour ago by the Lee County clerk of court.”

“Just one minute,” Charity said.

“Excuse me,” Mayor Lennox interjected.

“I will explain everything,” Clay insisted.

“No way!” Charity all but stomped her foot. “Page three, section three, subsection B of the Mimosa Key bylaws—and don’t you dare try to contradict me, young man—says that unless you’re a resident of Mimosa Key, you’re not allowed to address this council without prior approval. You don’t have it, so sit down.”

He kept coming, his eyes on Lacey. Eyes loaded with apology, regret, and no small amount of anger. “Damn stupidest law I ever heard, so I’m going to speak anyway.”

“Oh, no you are not.” Charity was beet red and nearly choking now. “Everything you say is inadmissible—”

“This isn’t a court!” Lacey hollered over the sound of the crowd. “Let him talk, for God’s sake.”

“It’s the way we run our town, Lacey,” the mayor said.

“I need to know.” She breathed the words, but the microphone picked them up and amplified her heartache all through the room.

Lacey searched his face, looking for the truth, for an explanation, for some sign that he hadn’t lied to her all this time.

No need to sign a contract.

No need to put my name on the boards.

No need to contact my father’s company. Just let me tell you how ruthless he is.

Had she been played, or what?

“Sorry, son,” Mayor Lennox said. “We can’t change the rules. I assume Lacey knows all this and she can speak on your behalf.”

“I will speak on my behalf.” Clay parked himself right in front of the council table. “That account is old and false.”

“Were you indicted?” Lacey asked.

“No, but there was an investigation, and every single charge was dropped.”

“See?” Charity said, leaping forward and poking a bony finger at Clay as though he’d just confessed murder. “Lacey doesn’t even know who she’s working with. She doesn’t have a clue who this man is and we’re going to let him slap down some kind of monstrosity on Barefoot Bay and ruin the unspoiled beauty of the last perfect place on earth? I don’t think so.”

Charity’s dramatic words rang through the meeting room, causing another rumble of response.

“You cannot speak to this council, sir,” Mayor Lennox said. “If you don’t leave, we will have to get Security to escort you.”

Oh, that would be just perfect.


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