B00B8V7MA6 EBOK by Jelen Bill

B00B8V7MA6 EBOK by Jelen Bill

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The ACOTH function returns the inverse hyperbolic cotangent of a number. The absolute value of number must be greater than 1. Microsoft added this function in Excel 2013.

Examples of Logarithm Functions

If you have read many of my books, you know that I used to have a day job involving forecasting and operations planning. I was constantly battling with the sales force to provide accurate sales forecasts. At the end of each month, we produced a chart to show the forecasted demand and the actual demand. If the forecast and actual were within 15% of each other, this was considered a tolerable error, and no discussion was necessary. However, for any points outside the 15% tolerance, a team would figure out why we missed the forecast and how to prevent a similar miss in future months.

The initial charts looked horrible. There were 20 products being forecasted, and the monthly demand fell by anywhere from 50 units a month to 10,000 units a month. There were only a few products above the 5,000-unit level, but those few products made it impossible to see any detail for the 17 smaller products, as shown in Figure 15.11.


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