Alpha's Moon by West

Alpha's Moon by West

Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press, LLC
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00


Lex only woke up once during the night and found himself wrapped tightly in Ryker’s arms. Warm, content and only half-awake, Lex snuggled back against Ryker, who murmured something soft in his sleep.

The next thing Lex knew he was waking up alone, and the timekeeper on the wall said it was morning—and late morning at that. After a quick shower, he found his clothes in the pile where he left them the night before, but bundled them up to be cleaned.

As he rummaged through the drawers of the cabinet, looking for clean clothes, he wondered about what Ryker and the others were doing for clothing. He found Ryker’s things from the night before discarded on the floor and picked them up absently to put them in the laundry chute along with his own. It would be his job now to care for things like that, he supposed.

One of the marines who’d been a guard for the VC—it was easier to think of the man that way instead of as his father—had been pretty large and tall, so perhaps Lex could find some clothes from his room. Or Ryker might have traded the Nilaniums for some clothing—Lex wasn’t sure, but he would ask Ryker if he needed any help with the matter. Instead of the idea making him feel degraded or like a servant, he decided he kind of liked the idea of being useful to Ryker.

He straightened the room, feeling restless. He didn’t know what to do with himself, and he was getting hungry. He decided to walk down to the dining hall and see if Eric might be there as he had been the day before. No one was there except for a Venuvian he didn’t know. Venuvians were easily recognizable from the others in the crew by their long, silver hair, though Lex thought the man’s hair was not nearly so beautiful as Ryker’s. The man was young—maybe not much older than Lex, and very handsome. He glanced at Lex with interest, but simply nodded and finished his tea before leaving without ever saying a word to him.

Lex finished eating and, still restless, he decided to go find Eric. He knocked on the door, and gasped as it opened. Eric was wearing a tiny leather thong that revealed more than it hid. He laughed at the look on Lex’s face.

“You should see yourself! Come in, before someone else walks by,” he said, pulling him inside. “Patch wouldn’t like any of the men to see me—he’s very jealous.”

“Well, what about me? Won’t he be mad if I’m here?”

Eric laughed. “No, silly. You’re another love slave, like me.”

Feeling the hot blood rush to his face, Lex felt a little embarrassed at hearing the term applied to him.

Eric tilted his head. “Don’t look so uncomfortable. It’s common knowledge.”

Lex came in and sat down by the portholes, staring out into the blackness beyond the windows. “So everyone knows?”

“Of course.” Eric raised his eyebrows and gave Lex a little smile. He had come over to flop on the chair across from him, and Lex tried to avert his eyes.


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