A Navesink Bank Christmas by Jessica Gadziala

A Navesink Bank Christmas by Jessica Gadziala

Author:Jessica Gadziala [Gadziala, Jessica]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-12-17T16:00:00+00:00

Breaker & Alex





"In the Bleak Midwinter"


"Baby, what the fuck is that?" I asked, walking into the house after two days away at a job, desperate for my bed, my woman, and something to eat that didn't come in a paper fucking bag.

"What? You said to decorate while you were away," Alex said, shrugging as she closed her laptop, unfolded her long legs, and attempted to get up off the couch.


Skinny little slip of a thing like her with a giant belly made most movement difficult for her. And laughable for me. Though after getting a remote thrown at my head the last time I laughed at her attempting to get out of an armchair at Paine's mom's house, I had learned to laugh on the inside. Even when her legs were peddling in the air, and it was funny as shit.

Because, well, Alex was easy to rile on a normal day. Pregnant, hormonal Alex was borderline psychotic, and it wasn't exactly wrong to be fearing for my life at night sometimes when I, apparently, breathed too hard for her to be able to sleep.

Alex was not a happy, glowing, nesting pregnant woman.

She was a surly mess who had given up on pants since she couldn't bend forward properly to pull them up and she Is not some kind of fucking gymnast who can do backbends to get them up over my ass - I had, wisely, not mentioned that she somehow managed to get her panties on though - and who took her usual sedentary life to the extreme now that she had an excuse.

And holy fuck did I hear it about how what I did to her prevented her from having her computer on her lap like she needed to work.

I had spent hours finding the perfect rolling laptop table thing that she could position over her belly after about a week of that bitching when she finally popped.

"Yeah, Alex, but that is not the tree."

In fact, it was a strand of green lights twisted across the wall in the shape of a tree, kept in place by golden thumbtacks. She had also cut out a piece of printer paper and colored it yellow for the star.

While the actual artificial tree sat next to the fireplace where I had dragged it and set it up for her next to the plastic container full of lights and ornaments.

This was hardly our first Christmas rodeo. She knew how the tree decorating went. Usually, we did it together. And by 'together,' I mean that I did most of it while she claimed I had blind spots or too many ornaments in one place. But it had been a crazy as fuck December with work for some reason, and I had needed to be out of town more than I liked. Especially with a heavily pregnant woman at home.

But that was the reason I did it too.

She was another month and a half out.

When the baby was born, I wanted to take a good six months off to help her out.


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