A Father's True Love by Fimbulvinter

A Father's True Love by Fimbulvinter

Author:Fimbulvinter [Fimbulvinter]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Fimfiction
Published: 2012-10-26T13:40:01+00:00

Orion watched as Cadance took him into her body. He had thought that Shining was a tight fit, but compared to Cadance he was as roomy as the chamber they now occupied. She fit around his cock like a satin glove, every inch of his cock was pressed up against her flesh. Her sphincter was so tight around him that it threatened to cut off circulation.

For all the discomfort of having his cock so crushed, the feeling of being inside Cadance was indescribable. Her plot was so warm and soft that he the beginnings of another orgasm rise within his balls. He vowed to hold out as long as he could.

His vow was tested when he saw Cadance begin to lick his secretions off her hoof, clearly enjoying the taste. Only through force of will could he stop himself from shooting off right there. The goddess of Love found his cum tasty. Orion felt himself swell inside her, his rod hardening even further than he had ever felt before.

Cadance felt it as well. The pain had receded enough for her to feel the pleasure and she felt ready to begin moving. Pushing up she started to remove Orion from her plot, the feeling of being filled replaced by one of emptiness as she emptied him from her bowels. Not pausing however, she dropped back down as she felt the tip begin to leave her, plunging Orion back into her and into the warm embrace of her ass once again.

Each stroke on his dick became easier and Cadance was beginning to see why Shining had asked her to be the stallion before. Taking it in the ass felt incredible and Cadance knew that this was going to have to become a regular part of their love making, regardless of what happed here.

With no regard for her surroundings, Cadance bounced on Orion’s cock, each thrust forcing his thick meat further within her.

“Fuck my ass Orion, You feel so bucking good.” She screamed as a tingle in her pussy told her to hang on for dear life. Her ass clamped down hard on Orion’s cock as Cadance rode out her massive orgasm.

Leaning back, Cadance spread her pussy lips open and squirted her ejaculate juices over Orion’s body, leaving damp patches and streaks along the length of his chest and up onto his face. Two spurts landed onto Orion’s mouth and tongue, which Orion quickly licked up and swallowed, relishing the sweet taste of her climax.

Tasting Cadance’s cum was all Orion was able to handle. Deep in his balls, his load of cum bubbled up, eager to escape their testicular prison and experience the joys of freedom.

Thick ropes of pearly cum squirted out of Orion’s cock, entering Cadance’s ass and coating her bowels in white. Orion nearly passed out from the pleasure he was receiving as Cadance clenched around his cock, his dick experiencing sensations similar to auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Cadance felt Orion’s cum blast her insides as she rode out her orgasmic aftershocks. As she came down from her high, Cadance fell forward, her body no longer able to sustain her weight.


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