A Demon's Wrath: Part 1 (Peachville High Demons #7) by Cannon Sarra

A Demon's Wrath: Part 1 (Peachville High Demons #7) by Cannon Sarra

Author:Cannon, Sarra [Cannon, Sarra]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: magic, Young Adult Paranormal, Horror, sorcery, Young Adult Fantasy, Teen series, Witch, young adult romance
ISBN: 9781624210228
Publisher: Dead River Books
Published: 2013-11-02T00:00:00+00:00

A Black Hole In My Heart

In the tradition of our people, the veil can only come down once the couple inside makes their decision about whether to part or to promise their future to each other.

If, after viewing the heart stones, either one of the couple decides to look for another partner, they are supposed to lay their locket on the floor at the other’s feet, then turn their back. At this, the veil will fall into ash and they will both be released from their promise.

If they both choose to move forward with their engagement, the couple inside the veil must seal their promise with a kiss.

It’s the final step in the engagement ceremony and the one I’d been dreading the most since my mother explained it to me.

Not that Lea wasn’t a worthy mate. She was perfect and any demon in the kingdom would have been glad to trade places with me.

But in my mind, kissing her was like kissing a sister.

After the love she’d seen inside the stone, she’d be expecting something magical and passionate. A kiss to end all kisses. How could I possibly fake something like that?

I knew that our first kiss would be a lie and that every single kiss from here until eternity would be a betrayal. I would be lying to her, but also to myself. The weight of the future stretched out before me, but I knew we couldn’t hide inside the veil forever.

Outside our cocoon, everyone was waiting.

I swallowed, my mouth suddenly dry.

"Lea..." I started, but couldn’t finish.

She reached for my hands and I clung to her.

"Yes?" she asked.

I shook my head, feeling that I couldn’t let this moment pass without trying one last time to reach out to my brother. I wanted him to know that even though we’d already exchanged stones, there was still time to tell her the truth if that’s what he wanted from me. It wasn’t too late.

I closed my eyes and lowered my head. When I exhaled, I sent a piece of myself out toward him, searching for that connection I’d never lived a day without.

I wasn’t expecting to find him. Part of me knew he was long gone—disappeared to some place that had taken him farther than our bond could reach so that he wouldn’t have to feel the pain of this day.

But there, at the very edge of my reach, I found him.

I was struck by the same terror I’d felt on the steps before. But this time, it didn’t fade.

I felt his agony, but it was distant. At first, I was sure it was his loss of Lea that I was feeling. But when I reached further, my gut twisted and I was struck with a vision so powerful, it knocked me off my feet.

I fell to my knees and cried out as I felt the shackles around his wrists. The inside of them was filled with spikes that cut deep into his flesh. The pain was keeping him from shifting into his shadow form.


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