Yahari ore no seishun rabu kome wa machigatte iru - Volume 09 by Wataru Watari

Yahari ore no seishun rabu kome wa machigatte iru - Volume 09 by Wataru Watari

Author:Wataru Watari [Watari, Wataru]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-4-09-451451-3
Publisher: Baka-Tsuki
Published: 2015-07-08T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter 6: Even so, Hikigaya Hachiman is

I sank onto the living room sofa and I could hear a click that cut into the ticking sound of the minute hand of the clock on the wall.

When I casually looked, the hour hand had struck midnight.

A considerable amount of time had passed since I was dropped off by Hiratsuka-sensei.

Komachi and my parents already had their dinner and were now shut away in their rooms. Kamakura was probably sleeping in Komachi’s room right now.

Periodically, the kotatsu would make low buzzing noises possibly because it was an older model. It was left on even though there wasn’t anyone using it. I stood up, cut off its power, and returned to the sofa.

The room being so chilly was conversely a big help. I wouldn’t get sleepy and most of all, my head completely cleared up like the cold weather.

Hiratsuka-sensei most certainly did give me a hint. That was likely not limited to only today as it was also something she had continued to tell me up until now. But I must have overlooked it, mistook it, or even passed by it. That’s why I had to think it over again, starting from the very beginning.

I had to reestablish and reconsider the problem once more.

The most recent and biggest obstacle was, of course, the Christmas collaboration event. Although I took on the task of helping, the present situation was near collapsing.

In addition to that, the problem of Isshiki Iroha became apparent. While I was the one who pushed the student council presidency onto her, Isshiki wasn’t managing the student council very well.

Moreover, Tsurumi Rumi’s situation was also tied in with this. I don’t know what kind of effect my actions towards her during summer break at Chiba Village had on her. But I couldn’t think of her current situation as something positive.

And then… And then, there was the problem with the Service Club.

But as far as this last problem’s concerned, just thinking about it made my chest feel murky and something resembling a solution wouldn’t come to mind. The expression that gave up after attempting looking for an opportunity, the smile that forcibly tried to be bright, and lastly, the words that should have been told to me all looped itself over and over in my head.

I ended up wasting a significant amount of time since earlier because my mind was stuck on those things. This was a problem I should leave for later.

Now that’s been established, the other three problems in particular had goals clearly set in place so it was simple to understand.

The first one was to get Isshiki to perform her duties as the student council president through this event. Next was to enable Tsurumi Rumi to show that smile to anyone else even if she’s alone. Furthermore, the event needed to be executed within the scope of what’s realistically possible by managing the level of cooperation with Kaihin Sogo High including Tamanawa.

If these were achieved, then a temporary solution should be visible.



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