Wings of Fire Book Ten: Darkness of Dragons by Tui T. Sutherland

Wings of Fire Book Ten: Darkness of Dragons by Tui T. Sutherland

Author:Tui T. Sutherland
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Published: 2017-07-24T21:00:00+00:00

Winter turned the slate over a few times and then held it up to the sun, as if searching for a hidden message under the one that was there.

“That’s it,” Qibli said, spreading his talons. “That’s all he wrote.” He paced back across the tiles, coiled his tail around one of the outstretched wings of the pavilion roof, and stared out at the desert. The wind breezed cheerfully around him, as if it had nothing to do with the mess of sand covering the palace below. From up here, atop one of the tallest palace towers, Pyrrhia looked as if it stretched forever in all directions.

“This is bad,” said Winter.

“DO YOU THINK SO?” Qibli shouted.

“There’s no need to raise your voice at me,” Winter said, ruffling up the spines around his neck. “I’m the one who’s going to help you rescue him.”

“I know, I know,” Qibli said. He clenched his talons and tried to calm down. “Turtle’s the one I really feel like yelling at.”

“Turtle?” said Winter. “Isn’t he the dragon in distress here?”

“Yes, but,” said Qibli, “if you’re going to send out a cry for help, shouldn’t it be a USEFUL cry for help? With ANY information in it? Such as maybe for instance WHERE THE MOONSBLASTED CAMEL-LICKING NIGHT KINGDOM IS???”

“Ohhhhhh,” Winter said, looking at the message again. “You’re right. He doesn’t mention that.”

“How are we supposed to rescue him?” Qibli cried, flinging his front claws in the air. “When we can’t even find him? Why hasn’t he sent me a message in three days? Just ‘hey, off to the Night Kingdom, toodles!’ and then ‘OH NO ACK I’M TRAPPED IN THE NIGHT KINGDOM’ and nothing in between! Rrrrrrrrgh.” He buried his face in his talons.

And nothing about Moon. Is she all right? What does she think about Darkstalker trapping Turtle? Does this mean she’s in trouble, too?

He took a deep breath and looked up at Winter again. As frustrated as he was, he had to admit to himself that he really didn’t know what Turtle had been going through, or how awful the last few days might have been for him. Most likely there hadn’t been any time to write a message. And now Turtle was living his worst nightmare.

“Poor Turtle,” he said. “He must be terrified.”

“What do you think Darkstalker will do to him?” Winter asked. “I mean … he did promise Moon that he wouldn’t hurt any of her friends.”

“Sure, but I have a feeling Darkstalker knows a lot of ways to wriggle around his promises,” Qibli said. “Like, it’s not hurting Turtle to gently throw him in a NightWing dungeon. It’s not hurting you to put a brainwashing spell on you. It wouldn’t be hurting Kinkajou if he cast a spell like the one on Hailstorm, turning her into an entirely different dragon. See what I mean?”

“He knows how to play tricks with words,” Winter said, nodding. “Kind of like you.”

“What?! No! But evil,” Qibli protested. “So nothing like me.”

“Right,” Winter said unconvincingly. “Oh, look, she’s found it.


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