Vanity Fair's Schools for Scandal by Graydon Carter

Vanity Fair's Schools for Scandal by Graydon Carter

Author:Graydon Carter
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

* * *

Across town at U.K., in a towering cinder-block dorm, Warren’s world was spinning apart at a much faster clip. His malaise was likely exacerbated by his parents’ impending divorce amid his mother’s allegations that his father, Big Warren, the celebrated coach of the university’s women’s soccer team, had gambled the family into bankruptcy. (Big Warren declined to comment on the gambling accusations at the time.) When not at practice, Warren spent his time smoking pot, watching Comedy Central, and reading German philosophy.

“It was very punishing, that first couple of months in college. Not what I expected, not what I wanted it to be,” Warren says. “I want to say living that kind of life—the country clubs, sitting in a classroom and listening to two girls argue about turning down a BMW S.U.V. because she wanted a new Range Rover, like, what? These people’s perspectives, because they have money, they’re tweaked.”

In October of his freshman year, Warren quit the U.K. soccer team, forfeiting his scholarship. He was still enrolled, but only nominally, and remained on the fringes of campus life. Shortly thereafter he was introduced to a Lexington Catholic alumnus who was making an easy living in identity theft. Seeing something in the wayward Warren, the preppy grifter pitched him the idea of selling fake Kentucky driver’s licenses in the U.K. dorms. Warren jumped at the opportunity and recruited another adrift freshman, his old high-school soccer teammate Eric Borsuk, as a partner. By early November the boys were selling fake IDs at a hundred dollars apiece, and had apparently branched out into more lucrative identity manipulations. “I can’t really get into too much specifics,” Eric says, “but we were doing all kinds of little scams: making fake IDs, making little things here and there. That’s what we were doing, kind of living this little Matchstick Men, college kind of life.”

The partnership flourished, with Warren as the face of the operation and Eric in charge of ID production, until the two had an argument over $2,000 that went missing from Eric’s drawer. They stopped talking entirely and disbanded. Suddenly without Eric’s mock-ups, software, and equipment, Warren thought of Spencer. Although the two hadn’t really been in contact in the first few months of school, Warren knew that Spencer’s artistic talents would be an asset. Spencer, feeling increasingly disaffected with school life himself, readily accepted the offer.


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