UNCHARTED by Kevin J Anderson & Sarah A Hoyt

UNCHARTED by Kevin J Anderson & Sarah A Hoyt

Author:Kevin J Anderson & Sarah A Hoyt
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Publisher: Baen Books
Published: 2018-04-30T23:00:00+00:00

My Dearest Julia,

Not long ago we held the oddest vote ever taken in the new world or, I daresay, in the old. A month ago, after our camp was attacked by the fire demon, we all decided together that we could not go on as we’d been. The chances of the entire expedition being killed before we reached the Pacific were high. We cannot hope to survive against the continued and increasing attacks of the evil sorcerer who means to destroy us.

Sacagawea hopes that should we find her tribe—called the Snake People, though she calls it Shoshone—the shaman will be able to revive her husband, who is very ill indeed. After the destruction of the fire demon, he lies unresponsive, carried on a litter by two of the men. If he can be revived, he might give us some insight into how to defeat this dark sorcerer, who seems to be part dragon, or at least the Indian manifestation of a similar legend.

I don’t know what has gotten into Captain Lewis, though. He seems moody and irrational. If we were back east, I’d say he must be in love, but that cannot be possible here on our expedition. Except for Sacagawea, all of the women have departed, fled with their trapper husbands. Yet he demanded that every member of our party should have a voice on whether we continue to the Pacific or stay and fight this menace that has plagued us mercilessly. He even insisted the former slave York and the native woman get a vote.

Once the perils had been explained, all members voted to find the Snake People and their shaman, hope that he can heal Charbonneau, so that we can all try to fight the great magic that has been attacking us.

Yes, Julia, after great consideration, even I voted to stay and face this menace, though with a heavy heart. I want more than anything to reach the western edge of our world, so that we can consider our mission complete and then I can return to you. How I long to hold you in my arms and to finally celebrate our wedding, which will make you mine forever.

But now that we will fight the evil sorcerer, I do not know if I will survive to reach the western ocean, much less get back to you.

For the past month since the attack of the fiery creature, we have continued to search for Sacagawea’s people, without success, though yesterday some chance-met natives warned us about a fierce party of warriors in this region. Charbonneau remains unchanged.

Hopefully we will find her people, and her shaman. They may not even be alive, considering the local wars that often result in entire tribes being taken captive or killed.

With a heavy heart and a fear of not seeing you again, I must sign myself,

Yours, ever,

William Clark

—Letter from William Clark to Julia Hancock,


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