The Returned, Part II (Star Trek: New Frontier, the Returned) by Peter David

The Returned, Part II (Star Trek: New Frontier, the Returned) by Peter David

Author:Peter David
Language: eng
Format: mobi, azw3, epub
Tags: Video Game Adaptations, Science Fiction & Fantasy, TV, Alien Invasion, Genetic Engineering, Space Opera, Star Trek, Science Fiction, Adventure, Movie, Military, First Contact
Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek
Published: 2015-08-03T00:00:00+00:00


“CAPTAIN,” SAID TOBIAS, “we’re getting a hail from the Dayan ship.”

“Put them on,” said Calhoun.

The screen flickered and then Nyos appeared.

“May I transport myself to you, Captain?” said Nyos. “We do not wish to beam aboard you without your permission.”

“Why is that necessary?” said Calhoun.

“Because we will be arriving shortly, and there are final matters to discuss.”

Calhoun glanced at Burgoyne, who shrugged in response. “All right,” said Calhoun. “We’ll bring you aboard.”

“No need.”

The sounds of the Dayan transporter beam hummed through the bridge, and moments later Nyos was standing there. He had a pleased smile upon his face, which Calhoun, for some reason, found to be a bit disturbing. “Can we go and chat somewhere privately, Captain?”

“Of course. My ready room, right over there.”

Nyos walked toward it, and Calhoun followed him in. The Dayan went straight to the sword that was hanging on the wall. “That is most impressive, this weapon. It is a weapon, is it not?”

“It most definitely is. You’ve never seen a sword?”

“I have not. May I?” When Calhoun nodded, Nyos lifted the blade off the wall. He swung it gently back and forth and was clearly pleased at the hissing sound it made as it sliced through the air. “Where did you acquire it?”

“When I was a young man.”

“Have you killed many enemies with it?”

“More than my share,” said Calhoun.

Nyos nodded and replaced the blade on the wall. “I thought I would come here to convey my crew’s concern about you.”

“What concern would that be?”

“They are worried,” said Nyos, “that you do not have sufficient resolve to join us in our battle against the D’myurj.”

Calhoun raised an eyebrow. “And on what do they base that supposition?”

“Your head of security did not kill Cabros. And you seemed upset because I did what your man declined to do.”

“We do not take killing lightly,” said Calhoun, slowly circling the room. “We set store by the lives of individuals.”

“Yes, see, that is the problem,” Nyos said. “My men are worried that your resolve to destroy the D’myurj is not on par with ours.”

“They annihilated my people, as you know,” said Calhoun. “I wouldn’t be worried about that if I were you.”

“What of the rest of your crew? Do they share your resolve? Or is it possible that they will balk when the time comes to do what must be done?”

“My crew will obey my orders.”

“Are you sure?”


Calhoun’s combadge beeped. He tapped it. “Calhoun.”

“Captain, Doctor Lochley. I just wanted you to know that the D’myurj came around again briefly. He seemed disoriented, demanded to know where he was, and then passed out again.”

Calhoun closed his eyes in pain. “Great.”

“You wanted to be kept apprised of any change—”

“Yes, later. Calhoun out.”

He broke the connection and turned his gaze to Nyos. The Dayan was simply staring at Calhoun, his face unreadable.

“You have a D’myurj on this vessel,” he said finally.

“That is correct.”

“You will bring me to him so that I can kill him.”

“That’s not going to happen,” said Calhoun.

Nyos was expressionless, but the edge in his voice was distinct.


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