The Babysitter by Sheryl Browne

The Babysitter by Sheryl Browne

Author:Sheryl Browne
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781786813404
Publisher: Bookouture



Jade had no idea why she hadn’t got rid of the girl sooner. She’d felt sorry for her, initially. How could she not, with her mother seething and raging, embarrassing her in the middle of the supermarket? The woman had been a complete witch, dressed like a trollop: short skirt, tits on show, blood-red lipstick, like an angry red slash for a mouth. Watching from across the aisle, seeing the woman’s rubbery lips exaggeratedly moving as she’d cursed and berated the child for accidentally knocking over a display stand – ‘You stupid girl! Look what you’ve done!’ – Jade had felt goosebumps prickle her skin. She recognised the child’s fear. The same fear she’d felt when her own bitch mother had snarled and scorned and walked away, leaving her with him. She felt again the ice-cold dread pooling in the pit of her stomach, the repulsion, the pain; the powerlessness as he’d pushed into her, groaning and thrusting and grunting. The hopelessness, trying to make her mother understand. It wasn’t her fault!

Daisy had said the same thing. ‘It wasn’t my fault, Mummy,’ she’d cried, huge, salty tears sliding down her cheeks as she’d looked beseechingly up at the spiteful, self-centred cow. Looking for comfort, where there was none.

It could have been her.

Irresistibly drawn, Jade had followed them, cruising past the house in the car she’d since disposed of – a car of her own being superfluous to requirements once she’d secured employment with the Cain family. Approaching on foot on her subsequent vigils, she’d watched and she’d waited. She’d seen the hysterical mother hurling accusations at the father, so drunk after a boozy party she couldn’t stand up straight. ‘You’re disgusting,’ she’d screamed, lashing out at him, her face twisted, her eyes full of hatred. ‘A fucking disgusting paedophile!’

Jade had made her decision then. They didn’t deserve to be parents. They didn’t deserve Daisy. They deserved to burn in hell. First, though, they needed to learn, to realise what they’d done. They needed to lose the child, whose innocence they were stealing, whose childhood they were breaking, whose love and trust they were abusing.

Obviously frightened of them, Daisy had come willingly when Jade had told her she was going to keep her safe – which she’d every intention of doing then. The girl had reminded her of her little sister. Annoyingly, just like her little sister, she was becoming a nuisance. Poppy had, too. But Poppy, of course, had also turned out to be spoiled beyond belief and far too demanding of Mark. Jade still hadn’t come to a decision about her. She’d so hoped Poppy would have some redeeming features. She didn’t want Mark to go through the unbearable grieving process of losing another child unless he absolutely had to.

This one, though… It was hard work, keeping the girl occupied and fed with Dylan constantly fretting and ringing her. And now things were moving on with Mark, she’d become a liability Jade didn’t need.

Jade sighed as Dylan fussed and


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