The Art of Getting What You Want by Lisa DeMayo

The Art of Getting What You Want by Lisa DeMayo

Author:Lisa DeMayo
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781939447821
Publisher: Dunham Books

1.Did you take the Myers-Briggs test? How does your current career path line up with your results?

2.Can your current job get you where you want to go?

3.Do you think “do what you love” is good advice or bad advice? Why or why not?

4.Could there be alternative careers you haven’t considered that would be a good fit for your strengths and personality type? Take time to brainstorm a few. Be willing to think crazy outside the box.

5.Would you be willing to make a big shift in your career? Why or why not?

6.How could thinking intentionally about your personality traits and strengths help you identify a more fulfilling career path than the one you have now?

7.Giving up doing what you love for a living doesn’t mean you have to give up doing what you love in general. How can you continue to keep the things you love as high on your priority list?


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