The Alliance in Peril by Peter Lewis Atkinson

The Alliance in Peril by Peter Lewis Atkinson

Author:Peter Lewis Atkinson [Atkinson, Peter Lewis]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: alien, contact, action, Space Opera, invasion, exploration, starship
Publisher: Author
Published: 2018-02-28T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter 6

The Long Journey

Back to business. Alenna had surprised me. She had phoned the Prime Minister to arrange collection of the gunship. She reported that it only took two hours from letting him know before two pilots arrived and hastily boarded. They then flew the gunship away. As for our consignment, the bins for the ore were stacked in our warehouse. I wanted to check how good they were. First I looked at the fasteners, normally there are two, and these had three. I then checked the seals on the lid; again normally there was one compression seal, and these had two. My conclusion was very positive. These containers were, without doubt, the best that I had come across. I don’t think they wished to take even the slight chance of contamination from an alien species of insect escaping on Earth. Now the bad part, the locusts. Although other races trade with the Grocka, using insects as payment for the ore, we had not actually delivered any, we had only collected the ore. They tended to hire a specially adapted cargo ship for the purpose. This ship could hover just above the treetops, before dumping its entire load onto the ground. Waiting below would be a thousand or more Grocka. Once the Grand Grocka has had her fill and fallen to sleep, it was then the turn of her subjects to have a chance to engage in a free for all. I had not witnessed this spectacle, but I was told the Grocka got worked up to quite a frenzy, almost fighting each other to eat the juiciest looking insects before the others did. In the end, when they had eaten all they could, they collapsed to the ground where they were, to sleep off their gorging habit. That is why it was so important to have your containers loaded with the ore before the Grocka feast. We would be going straight to Grimda after leaving Earth. The Locusts were due to arrive the day after next. In the meantime, I wanted to delay the loading of the empty containers aboard the cargo freighter, as it was imperative that the locusts were stored at the back, with the ore containers in front of them. Now, we had a whole day to spend doing whatever we wished. As such, the first thing I wanted to get over, was to phone the Prime Minister. I wanted to inform him of the good news, which was that I could now supply Earth with that classified ore that was so critical for star-drive construction. I was given an order straight away. The name of the ore in question was stronilium. As this ore came from Lusiana or Dregg, payment could be made with alliance credits. As which planet I actually acquired it from, I would leave that decision for now as it would be down to which planet we made our next delivery.

Nearly everyone wanted to do something different on our free day.


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