Stranger at the other corner by AnonYMous

Stranger at the other corner by AnonYMous

Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: romance, love, marriage, stranger, signal


Claire was in her purple-black night gown, sitting infront of mirror. She was slowly combing her hairs, thinking about him. “I always wait for him, the one who touch my soul and now when I know him… I think why I met him”

She remembers, “After five months of her marriage, she gets settled in the city. She was selected as a creative designer at BAA, it was a usual Friday and she was running late from her work.

She was wearing, black sleeve-less, turtle neck silk blouse and brown pencil skirt with black pumps. She wears her pearl studs, her neck length hairs was side parted.

She quickly headed for the garage, Simon was out of the city for his political meeting, and it was month of May. She sits in her car and starts it but it doesn’t start. “Shit… I forgot to call the mechanic” she said hitting her hand on steering wheel. “Oh… God what I’m going to do?” she think as she get out of the car. She locks her house and start walking to get a cab.

“Simon… I told you to call the mechanic, you know I don’t remember these kind of stuff of because of your stupid car I’m walking for the first time in my life… hold it… taxi” but before she can sits in the taxi she remember she forget her wallet at home which she take out because she’s searching for her contacts list.

“No thank you” she said to the taxi driver. “What happen?” Simon asked. “Nothing… just please send someone to fix your broken car because I don’t like to walk” she said roughly and hang up.

She was very upset, first she was getting late and second she’s walking in her heels. She never walk that much before, her father was also very famous politician from Texas, she born with silver spoon. She doesn’t like the crowded places. She stops at intersection at Times Square, so many people standing there waiting for the signal to turn green.

The signal turn green and she move with throng, her phone rings suddenly and Claire was so teased. She searches her phone in the bag, she look in to her purse for phone she got it but as she raise her head she collide with someone.

It was Mr. Bradley, she look at him and her felt something different. She wants to say something but they keep looking in each other eyes. Both quiet and confuse, Claire feels time has stop for them. Then they realize the moving crowd so they both stand and Mr. Bradley move away as she does.

She wants to turn, and then put her phone to her ear like she’s listening. It was Annie but she was not. She had a feeling back there, a feeling she never felt before. Something she only thought you feel when you find your destination, a sting in her heart which stops all her senses even her words.

The whole day she’s been thinking about him, later that night lying on her bed.


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