Stars by Colleen Oakes

Stars by Colleen Oakes

Author:Colleen Oakes [Oakes, Colleen]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Childrens
ISBN: 9781940716947
Goodreads: 27181883
Publisher: SparkPress
Published: 2015-10-12T16:00:00+00:00


SHE WAS QUITE PETITE, just a bit shorter than Wendy, as narrow as a reed. A messy tangle of thick white-blond hair, matted at its core, was perched on the top of her head, shoved through with sticks, leaves, and dead flowers. She had very pale skin that stretched over immaculately carved cheekbones, her face perfectly symmetrical, flawless in its ethereal construction. Peachy pink and pearly lips that appeared to be just bitten pursed underneath a narrow nose. There were dark circles under her wide blue eyes, so deep that they appeared as bruises at first glance, giving her a hollowed look. Wendy had seen women who looked like this before, in a narrow alleyway on the dodgy end of her neighborhood, their empty eyes searing as they watched her scurry past. They were regulars in that alley, in that town, of that place, that place she used to live . . . Wendy shook her head and gave two long blinks.

“Trying to remember something?”

Her voice was high, like the tinkling of bells, though the dripping malice behind it was unmistakable. It was the same voice from the bridge, the same voice she had heard crying on the night of their arrival. Wendy was unsure of how to answer, and so she stayed silent, unmoving. The girl uncurled herself from Peter’s chair and stepped toward Wendy, her features becoming sharper as she approached. Her clothes rustled as she walked, so bulky that they seemed to barely touch her frame. A faded brown dress wrapped around her shoulders and cascaded to the floor, strips of fabric sewn together without care—it was lumpy and unattractive. She had cinched the dress at the waist with a vine, but other than that, there was no color visible. Even with her drab clothing, it was impossible not to notice the shawl that was draped across her shoulders, so long that its ends were hooked around her thumbs, pulling the fabric taut across her back. The shawl was meant to conceal whatever massive feature lumped out of her back, a shape so large that she could as well have been concealing another small girl underneath it.

Then Wendy understood. The wings. She was concealing her wings. She silently approached Wendy on tiny feet, her steps making no sound, her arms and the shawl wrapped protectively around herself. Her lips up close were cracked and bruised, her dispirited face coming ever closer. When she breathed, her body seemed to give a small shudder, as though the act was painful for her. The word broken flickered through Wendy’s mind as the girl drew up next to her. Without warning, the girl reached out to Wendy’s face, her hand small and delicate, her head level with Wendy’s nose. Wendy didn’t move, not wanting to alarm this creature who had so terrified her on the bridge. The girl looked up into Wendy’s eyes, and Wendy struggled to stifle a gasp. Inside of the fairy’s eyes, resting on the bottom of her irises, small stars lit up and went dark again, one after another, flashes in the dark.


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