Ride by Cameron Dane

Ride by Cameron Dane

Author:Cameron Dane [Dane, Cameron]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Romance, Contemporary, Western, Fantasy
ISBN: 9781595784674
Amazon: B003T9USGK
Barnesnoble: B003T9USGK
Goodreads: 4791522
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Published: 2008-01-01T08:00:00+00:00

Chapter Seventeen

Duke’s eyes flashed yellow fire, and he swooped right in on Risa. “Christ, Ris.” He

covered her breasts and squeezed. Risa’s breath stopped, trapped in her throat as he

tweaked her nipples wickedly, quickly pushing her flashpoint up a notch. “You know

how to get right to the point.” He skated his palms down her sides and hooked his hands

in her waistband. “I love that about you.” He pushed under the elastic of her pajama

bottoms, caressed her hips and ass, cupping her cheeks in a way that weakened her knees.

She grabbed his shirt, tearing at buttons as he pushed her bottoms down, letting them

slide to a pool at her feet. She kicked them aside, luxuriating in being naked with him


“I don’t have time for games.” Risa tugged Duke’s shirttail out of his jeans and

pushed it off his shoulders and arms to the floor. She ran her hands all over his wide,

lightly haired chest, his skin a furnace hot enough to scorch her fingers. His flat nipples

caught her attention, rushing wetness into her mouth. “Too busy doing other things.” She

scraped her thumbnails over the brown discs and then soothed them with the pads of her

fingers. He heaved a sharp intake of breath, and she understood that he had the same level

of sensitivity to her touch as she did to his. She dipped her head down, opened her mouth

over his quickly puckering flesh, and sucked the tiny, jutting nipple inside.

“Ohhh, yeah…” His moan of pleasure echoed through his body and into her mouth,

vibrating against her tongue. She nipped his skin between her teeth and flicked the tip of

her tongue against the pinpoint of flesh, eagerly learning everything he liked. He stroked

her hair and guided her across the plane of his chest. Risa happily suckled and bit him on

the other side, desperately wanting to know every part of his body intimately.

Risa worked the button and zipper on Duke’s jeans while he held her head prisoner

to his nipples, forcing her back and forth between the twin circles of flesh to take of him

again. Delving her hands inside the loosened waistband of Duke’s pants, Risa pushed the

fabric down his body past his hips. His erection sprang up heavy and grazed her belly,

thickly veined and searing, his slit leaving a smear of precum in its wake. She wrapped

her hands around his velvet length and rubbed.

Duke jerked before her, his hoarse moan music to Risa’s ears. Before she could

stroke him again, he reached down and pulled her hands away from his straining cock.

He backed her into the wall and hoisted her legs around his waist. She automatically

wrapped her arms around his neck and braced her elbows on his shoulders. Reaching

between them, Duke parted her folds. Her excitement flowed freely from her body,

mixing with Duke’s. It permeated the air, surrounding them in a cocoon of their own

making. He fitted his cock to her entrance, not quite nudged inside, and paused.

Duke’s glittering eyes lifted to hers. His voice raw and naked, it sounded as if he

brought it up from his soul. “I can’t wait.


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