Online Danger by Dr. Eric Cole

Online Danger by Dr. Eric Cole

Author:Dr. Eric Cole [Dr. Eric Cole]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Published: 2018-01-15T00:00:00+00:00

Password Complexity and Perplexity

Just about everyone uses at least one password; some people have upwards of ten. Password diligence and best practices deteriorate as people view them as a necessary evil but also as a nuisance. It’s very tempting to use just one or two easy-to-remember passwords, but weak passwords bear a large part of the blame for online security breaches.

Online security depends on generating strong passwords for different accounts. A password is your virtual key—protect it. Just as you would not leave your house key taped to your front door, do not leave your passwords on a sticky note hanging from your computer monitor.

A simple technique to create strong combinations: paraphrase, instead of copying. Pick a phrase that you will always remember, and use the first letter of every word in that sentence in your password.

For years, I used [email protected]@9:15 as one of my strongest passwords. How did I remember this string of numbers, letters, and characters?

M — My

1 — 1st

s — son

w — was

b — born

@ — at

G — Georgetown

H — Hospital



Paraphrasing generates passwords that are easy to remember but hard for the adversary to guess. Remember these guidelines:


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