Occultic;Nine Volume 3 by Chiyomaru Shikura & pako & Adam Lensenmayer & Sasha McGlynn

Occultic;Nine Volume 3 by Chiyomaru Shikura & pako & Adam Lensenmayer & Sasha McGlynn

Author:Chiyomaru Shikura & pako & Adam Lensenmayer & Sasha McGlynn
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Published: 2018-02-20T05:00:00+00:00

“The chosen people?” I stopped my sketching as I heard this unfamiliar word. The boy must have been pleased with my reaction, because he grinned and continued.

“I was a winner from the moment I was born. My parents are super rich, so I got this special treatment.”

“What kind of treatment?”

“I don’t die.”

“What a coincidence. I’m immortal, too.”

After all, I was already dead. I’d never heard of any creature dying twice. Now that I was already dead, I would probably never die.

“It’s not like being a ghost. No, maybe it is? Do you know what scandium is? Well, I’m sure you don’t. But if you inject yourself with it, you can go on living even if you die.”

“A ghost, huh?”

“Then we are the same.”

The boy and I looked at each other and exchanged a smile.

Scandium. A word I’d never heard before. If what the boy was saying was true, was that flowing through my veins right now?

“How do you get it?”

“They sell it.”

“At the pharmacy?”

“No way. At a place called the Hachifukushin Circle.”

“Can I get some, too?”

“No way. You have to be chosen, like me.”

“That’s a shame,” I said, hoping to make the boy feel special. “Then you’re a ghost now?”

“No, no. Were you listening? I’m alive.”

Hmm. So right now, we were communicating between the living and the dead.

“I died in that lake, you know,” I said.

“So what?”

“Remember what you said? That I was a ghost. If you can see me, doesn’t that mean it’s natural to think that you’re a ghost, too?”

The boy’s eyes went wide as if he was surprised. He hadn’t thought of that, it seemed.

“But you’re alive, and you can see and talk to ghosts. Amazing, huh?”

The boy fell silent. I wanted to kiss him all over his pouty face.

“Hey, is it rough being able to see ghosts?”


“I mean, there’s a lot more people who have died in the past than are alive now, right? So shouldn’t the town be filled with dead people? What kind of people do you see? Samurai? Soldiers?” I asked, being deliberately mean.

I smiled softly and spoke in a gentle voice. I wanted to tease him.

“Is that poor girl you stuffed into the Kotoribako standing right next to you, glaring at you angrily?”

“There’s nothing like that.”

“I see. How boring. It’s a shame, since you can see me.” The boy stared at me. I glanced at him and returned to my sketching.

Inokashira Park was busier than it usually was. The boy said he was alive, but the media on the other side of the blue tarp were ignoring him just like they were ignoring me. He sat next to me, tilting his head to the left and right as he whispered to himself.

“So there are some ghosts you can see, and some you can’t. What does that mean?”


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