Ninja Gaiden by F. X. Nine

Ninja Gaiden by F. X. Nine

Author:F. X. Nine [Nine, F. X.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Gaming, Juvenile Fiction, NES, Ninjas, Nintendo
ISBN: 9780590437769
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Published: 2015-04-09T16:00:00+00:00


Inches from Ryu's face, the broken ends of the scaffold raced by. He jumped from the falling train car, reaching desperately with his hands.

His fingers closed around a thin slat of wood. The momentum of his body carried him around the slat. He swung as if on a parallel bar. The scaffolding swayed and squeaked. Splinters of rotted wood fell into the black lagoon with hollow plup, plup sounds.

When he stopped, he looked down again. A few feet below him, the train car was floating on its side.

Slowly, a long, black tentacle rose out of the murk. It was coated with oily sludge, and flaps of skin hung loose. It wrapped itself twice around the train car. Then it contracted. With a sudden, violent splitting sound, the car smashed in half.

Ryu let go with his left hand, then grabbed the wooden slat directly above.

Crrrrack. It split off and tumbled downward.

This wasn't going to be easy.

With painstaking care, Ryu began climbing. He went from slat to slat, testing each one. It seemed to take hours, but he eventually clambered to the top.

Ahead of him, the tracks continued through a large hole in the cavern wall. Ryu began walking. With each step, the scaffold shook. He extended his arms to the side, like a tightrope walker. Below him, the monster snarled and jumped, unhappy with his dinner of wood and steel. It whipped its tail against the scaffold.


The scaffold bowed to one side. Ryu almost lost his balance. He had to make time now. Quickly he scampered toward the hole.


He had only a few feet to go. The wooden slats weren't going to hold the stress much longer…


The room echoed with the sound of splitting wood. Like a house of toothpicks, the scaffold collapsed.


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