Nancy by Deaver Michael K

Nancy by Deaver Michael K

Author:Deaver, Michael K. [Deaver, Michael K.]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: 2009-10-13T04:00:00+00:00

We are here because humanity refuses to accept that freedom or the spirit of man can ever be extinguished. We are here to commemorate that life triumphed over tragedy and the death of the Holocaust—overcame the suffering, the sickness, the testing, and, yes, the gassings…. Out of the ashes, hope; and from the pain, promise.

Nancy got through that day, as she got through many other trying ones, and she and Reagan patched up their differences over Bitburg in short order. Even their worst fights weren’t very dramatic. They simply got quiet with each other. The madder they were, the more silence there was between them: you could measure the rift with almost scientific precision once you got used to the warning signs, but you had to act quickly because they could never stay angry at each other for very long. Nancy says that years ago while on vacation with her parents, her mother described a chat she overheard newlyweds having at poolside. The bride was teary-eyed, and her husband asked what was the matter. “You were cool to me in the pool,” was the bride’s response. For some reason, that little phrase stuck with Nancy, and whenever a rare rift occurred between them, either Reagan or Nancy would use that little phrase to put things right again.

Nancy and I eventually patched things up, too, both feeling a little foolish for doubting Ronald Reagan’s strength and vision. And this time, at least, it wasn’t Nancy who had taken the whipping in the media.


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