My Secret Life by Anonymous

My Secret Life by Anonymous

Author:Anonymous [ANONYMOUS]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: PENGUIN group
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00


A Rotterdam saloon. — A flaxen-haired North Hollander. — The young Englishman. — An Amsterdam bitch. — A difficult poke and queer cunt. — A Dutch sailor ’s whore. — Polyglot baudiness. — A pomatum pot. — At B***s**s. — Mrs. W***t*r again. — Acquaintance renewed. — A shallow cupboard. — A cough and a fart. — Four brothels and eight whores. — A larkish maid-servant. — Unsuccessful attempts.

I went on the continent, whilst the weather was yet cold. I saw the dancing rooms at Rotterdam, and poor and cheap as they were, had two or three of the women at them. I had one, really a fine, tall, beautiful woman with flaxen hair, and who wore large silver ornaments like shields, or saucers, on each of her temples. Her flesh was beautifully white — I was cunt-struck and had her within a few minutes after I had entered the saloon, and felt ashamed of going out of the room with her as other couples did with women. But no one seemed to notice the couples retiring, tho all knew what they left the room for. The ladies returned generally alone, the men after their love-making usually going off by a side door, tho I have seen a man and woman come back into the saloon together, tho every one must have well known what they had been doing upstairs.

I didn’t like her flaxen-haired motte, it was never a colour I liked, yet I hadn’t left the house a quarter of an hour, when I took a fancy to return to the saloon, and there was the North Hollander, dancing with quite a handsome English youth, well dressed, and seemingly not more than eighteen years old. In another minute he had retired with her, and in about ten minutes more I should think, she returned to the dancing room. She had been fucked, and had cunt-washed in that short space of time. The idea (and what a strange idea it seemed to me) of putting my prick into her after the handsome youth, gave me a cock-stand, and just then noticing me, she came smiling and sat herself by the side of me. At once filled with lust I went upstairs with her again. There I began to wonder at myself, and thought I would leave, but a curiosity sprang up in me about his cock, and in German I asked her if she’d been fucked since I had left her half an hour before.

She said “No.” — Then I told her what I had seen, whereat she laughed, and acknowledged it was true. I asked questions about him. His prick was big, “Big, and oh! So stiff.” He would not wait till she took off her clothes, but put her on bed-side, his prick went up, and almost directly he spent. — I was specially curious then. — “Ach Gott — he spent wonderful. — Ach Gott, drowned was mine cunt with it, he, was ein English Man.”



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