Magika no Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 13 by Mihara Mitsuki

Magika no Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 13 by Mihara Mitsuki

Author:Mihara Mitsuki [Mitsuki Mihara]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Publisher: MF Bunko J
Published: 2017-01-24T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 3 – Night Attack

Part 1

The fragment of Ilyailiya that was doing nothing but being in a daze at Loki Allied Army’s general staff headquarters, whose figure would sometimes flicker, becoming silver and then black and then vice versa repeatedly, suddenly opened her mouth.

「……Robin Hood’s contractor will die soon.」

It was a firm declaration. The sudden words made Loki turn his head to her in a fluster.

「You killed her!? Is this the thing you said you were gonna attempt!?」

「She is not killed yet. ……It seems that the defeated clones become pure magic power that is recovered by the main body. Therefore I inserted poison into the clones that I defeated. ……The poison I made her receive had already reached a lethal dose. I believe that she will die with certainty soon.」

「Poison you say?」

Something that could enter magic power as a foreign material and ignore defensive magic power before stealing someones life……that wasn’t such a thing as 『poison』. Ilyailiya had no intention to uncover her hidden card to Loki and so she used the word 『poison』 to represent it.

「Then now we can even search for their position huh. It’s difficult for us to launch a surprise attack inside this magic power cloud, but we should be able to find them by sending Ilyailiya.」

Regina who was steamy warm after getting out of the bath cut into their talk. In the end she did nothing but enter the bath for several hours. However Ilyailiya shook her head.

「Robin Hood’s clone bodies are still active. It’s still necessary to wait. However even at the longest she will die within a hour.」

……Loki’s broad grin stiffened.

One hour. The moment he heard that word, he felt like sparks scattered inside his head.

「……In other words, this remaining one hour will be those guys’ last chance to take action. Those guys, they’re gonna launch a surprise attack for sure in this one hour. We cannot stay like this.」

「The other side should still be in the dark about our position though. On top of that, it’s impossible for a surprise attack to happen without going past me.」

「If it’s Kazuki then he will somehow manage to do both. He will overturn that assumption. That guy won’t do anything like letting go of his hand from the initiative.」

Loki said that with a bias passion filling it somewhere.

「……That sounds like an overestimation.」

Regina spoke indifferently. Both Ilyailiya and Regina evaluated Hayashizaki Kazuki suitably but……they didn’t hold as much of a fixation as Loki.

「Nonetheless, however, perhaps there is nothing better than getting ready for a flawless defense in this one hour.」

If he assumed that Kazuki and the others would come with the best move they could――then there was one more thing that Loki had to think about no matter what.

About how Nyarlathotep was watching the situation over here through a spy.

Because of that, he couldn’t make a move that was too bold. In the case Nyarlathotep and his bunch came to muscle into the fight, he had to constantly reserve some leeway properly so he could deal with them.


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