Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou:Volume 5 by Mihara Mitsuki & Baka-Tsuki

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou:Volume 5 by Mihara Mitsuki & Baka-Tsuki

Author:Mihara Mitsuki & Baka-Tsuki [Baka-Tsuki]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: MF Bunko J
Published: 2014-04-24T16:00:00+00:00

The night gradually grew late.

“If you want to know about romantic, you should come to my place right from the start you know!”

The one that he visited next was Mio’s room. Without even sitting on chairs, the two stayed standing in the center of the room. Mio puffed her chest ‘ehhem’ and answered Kazuki’s question.

“Is Myon-chan a romanticist?”

“Kazuki, stop calling me Myon-chan!”

Mio-sensei ‘kohon’ cleared her throat and began the class.

“What is called romantic is a way to stir up your feeling, a play technique just so you know.”

“I have a feeling that this is the first time I am hearing an opinion that has a truth in it.”

“There are various techniques but…the most easy to understand technique is surely [poem]!”

“Poem?” Hearing that word he was not familiar with, Kazuki leaned his ears with deep interest.

“Even with a really ordinary object, but the instant you express it with poetic words, it will make you reconfirm it with a totally fresh beauty. Changing a normal day into an extraordinary day…it’s not an exaggeration to even say that poems exist to make everything romantic.”

Now that she mentioned it, when Mio made her self-introduction she said things like liking poems.

“For example when a boy says [cute] to a girl. The girl too would be happy when it was first said to her, but it will gradually change into feeling of [okay okay I get it] if you keep saying it to her right? It’s a weak word. It’s a word that will become ordinary, become obsolete. If right there the boy comes up with a more ingenious sentence like [ah, you are really cute without question] using all sorts of poetic words to present to the girl, the girl will once again notice how she is being thought of so importantly by the boy in a really fresh sensation, turning into a romantic feeling!”

“I see…but is it not embarrassing to say such clichéd words? Even with only saying the word cute but with sincere feelings, or maybe simple is the best, I think it will already transmit the speaker’s feeling enough though…. It’s scary to make a blunder and make the atmosphere go cold.”

“Certainly depending on the situation there are also times when simple words are enough to pierce the heart. But you know, to a certain degree it’s fine even if you fail. [Ah, for the sake of making me happy, this person tried hard until this much] thinking like that, just from that won’t she feel an emotion of love? What is called romantic is not focusing on the result, but it’s something that appreciates the process too!”

“I, I see! You won’t get anything without challenging anything is that it? But I don’t have any confidence here, doing something like using words stylishly like a poem is…”

“The, then…first you need to practice. Try it by expressing my charms poetically here!”

Mio’s charm was it…she was so to speak a companion that was always charming through day and night. I’m going to show her.

“Mio’s hair is…as if pure gold that is made into threads, beautifully glittering in light.


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