Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 14 by Mihara Mitsuki

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 14 by Mihara Mitsuki

Author:Mihara Mitsuki
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
ISBN: 9784040693439
Publisher: MF Bunko J
Published: 2017-08-24T16:00:00+00:00

「──It isn’t illusion, it’s human’s technique.」

The words of Kazuki’s master floated at the back of his mind.

『Kazuki, if by any chance there is an existence that should be called as the absolute god in this world, don’t you want to try to defeat such being with the utmost limit of human effort?』

‘Thank you, Tou-san…….’

When he recalled, perhaps since the moment he heard those words, he had bet his whole lifetime for that objective. Because even after he enrolled into magic department and contracted with Leme, he stubbornly continued being a swordsman.

He fought through Ragnarok, in order for humans to surpass god.

「I, I’m defeated by human’s technique you said……o, OOOOOOOOOOOOO-!!!!」

Lucifer raised a scream that sounded like a beast while his body was turning into dust and vanished into Astrum.

「Impossible! I’m……even I’m, getting reduced into pure magic power……into the ultimate illusion!!」

Even the countless angels, wisdom kings, and bodhisattvas were defeated by Kazuki and got disassembled. And then the vast vortex of magic power──the ultimate illusion was swallowing the whole golden space while trying to be born.

The whole space was fiercely shaking while all Divas were getting sucked into there!

「You did well, my beloved King.」

「Thank you, Kazuki……I feel proud from the bottom of my heart, seeing your back standing against the despair.」

Leme who was overlapped with his mother’s shadow was also vanishing into that vortex…….

「……I’m watching-! The future of this world that you twist, where will it arrive at……don’t you dare forget this matter-!!」

Lucifer was also getting swallowed into the vortex while yelling with the face of a devil king…….

Everything was swallowed into the vortex, the whole space was filled to the brim with the vortex of enormous magic power. It was only Kazuki who was facing it. This thing, this intense vortex, was the illusion of the whole of mankind…….

The Ultimate illusion.

It only didn’t swallow Kazuki. On the contrary Kazuki felt his own existence, his soul was infinitely diluting, spreading out. Kazuki’s strong will was swallowing the ultimate illusion instead.

Kazuki wished. And then…….


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