Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 10 by Mihara Mitsuki

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 10 by Mihara Mitsuki

Author:Mihara Mitsuki [Mihara, Mitsuki]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
ISBN: 9784040679396
Publisher: MF Bunko J
Published: 2015-10-24T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 4 – Country of Freedom and Prosperity (Utopia)

Part 1

The American’s patrol boat that they had fought until not long ago was leading in front of Queen Kaguya.

And then finally the two ships arrived at America’s west coast: San Francisco.

A giant hamburger was served in front of Kazuki’s eyes. The bottom size of it was nothing special, but its height was extremely abnormal. It was truly a hamburger tower. The red of the ketchup, the green of the avocado, the white of the onion rings, the brown of the hamburger built colorful layers, hearty amount of cheese was melting vertically down piling up a striped pattern. Not to mention its puffing steam and thick aroma.

“This is how you eat it!”

The black boxer girl who had fought Kazuki laughed cheerfully.

“Secret Technique Merry Go Round・Bite!”

The girl pierced a stake into the center of the hamburger, and after pressing the hamburger lightly so as to not destroy the texture of the bread, she put an angle from the bottom to the part of the hamburger’s rim and sank her teeth into it. Just like that she rotated the whole hamburger and ate the lower half’s rim as if erasing it. After a rotation next she moved to the rim of the upper half and sank her teeth into it, then she rotated the hamburger in full circle once again.

Kazuki raised a shocked voice “Ooo-“ from the culture shock. So that was how you eat it.

“…It’s super delicious…!” Shinobu-senpai’s eyes shined glaringly.

“Now then, let’s introduce ourselves once more.”

The boxer girl said that with her mouth sticky all over from ketchup and mustard.

“My name is Mary Mayweather Junior. I’m a boxer.”

“I’m Virginia Dance. Call me Ginny. For the time being, I’m an Idol you know.”

The white idol girl that sang the song in the battle just before also showed a friendly smile.

“The girl that fought with guns like in a western movie is Jeremy Barett.”

They told him that the girl Jeremy and other cyborg soldiers were heading to the government to report.

And then these girls, Mary and Ginny, volunteered to be the guide for Kazuki and co.

Kazuki was musing inside his head. Mary Mayweather Junior. Virginia Dance. Jeremy Barett. The names of the foreigners that were introduced to him all at once was hard to memorize.

They were in a port city named [Fisherman’s Wharf] in San Francisco.

They finally arrived in America for the first time. Here and there were loud jovial laughs from the American people with physiques that were far better than the Japanese.

Mary and Ginny reserved a restaurant of the port city and invited Kazuki and co. Perhaps they were giving consideration to how there were many of them that were still in a student’s age that they guided them to a place where they could relax the tension.

At the white tables in the open terrace that had the scent of salt water, Kazuki and co. took a seat divided into several groups, and had a feast of an American meal.

Kazuki also challenged the hamburger.


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