Last Night by Holocron

Last Night by Holocron

Author:Holocron [Holocron]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Fimfiction
Published: 2016-03-19T04:50:01+00:00

* * *

Night and his daughters slept against each other for the following day; but when night came, without speaking, Night's eyes reluctantly opened to find he was now resting on the couch in the back room. Had Dark and Silver managed to lift him? Dark and Silver?! Night had to get up and confirm something. Throwing the blanket that rested on him off, Night found he was naked, and covered in a thin layer of some dry, yet sticky fluid. This confirmed his first fear. It wasn't a drunken stupor, it wasn't a bizarre dream; Night had fucked both his daughters and came in them to the point of bloating. Quickly grabbing a nearby pair of clean shorts and a shirt, Night ran into the kitchen to find his daughters.

"Dark? Silver?" Night said, bursting into the kitchen to see both Silver and Dark were there. But they were both naked, they bodies were still naked, and both their bellies appeared to be well rounded with a distinct bump.

"Good morning dad,” Dark smiled, her face displayed calm and collected, but her wings were fluttering in excitement; similar to Silver's wings.

"Morning daddy!" Silver giggled, her fast swishing tail brushing the air like crazy in her joy. "Last night was amazing,” Silver and Dark were both rubbing their stomachs in a form of pleasure. "You filled with so much cum,”

'Please don't tell me.' Night panicked in his mind at the thought.

"We're pregnant!" Both girls squealed in joy.

"That's...great.,” Night twitched a little, falling back in a near faint; the entire room around him spinning and falling apart. 'I got both my daughters pregnant!? Oh Luna, oh Celestia, please don't fire down your divine wrath. It was a drunken stupor, I swear!' Before passing out from the shock, Night found some peace in the revelation. 'I guess it's not that bad.'


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