Khaavren Romances - 05 Sethra Lavode by Steven Brust

Khaavren Romances - 05 Sethra Lavode by Steven Brust

Author:Steven Brust [Brust, Steven]
Format: epub
Tags: Fantasy, Vlad Taltos, Khaavren Romances
ISBN: 9780312855819
Publisher: New York : Tor, 2004.
Published: 2004-04-05T08:00:00+00:00

Chapter the Eighty-Fifth

How Morrolan Returned to the East

In Order to Settle an Old Score

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Morrolan made no particular arrangements before setting off on his mission; indeed,

he made no arrangements at all. He walked out of Dzur Mountain and took in great

lungful of the clear mountain air in order to settle his mind—he was just calm enough

to know that he ought not to attempt a teleport while so furious that he could not

focus his thoughts. Bringing himself to a state where he might safely perform this

exacting spell took, in fact, rather a long time: as he stood there, doing nothing, he

would remember again the attack on Blackchapel, and again he would work himself

into a passion. He paced and kicked at stones, sometimes even bending down to

pick one up and throw it, hearing the clatter down the slope. Sometimes he would

slap his hand onto the smooth, black pommel of his sword. Sometimes he would

stand, his arms folded over his chest, and simply fume, letting his rage carry him as

it would.

Eventually, his thoughts drifted to his home—still new enough to give

delight—and these thoughts gave him a certain degree of satisfaction. He had not the

traditional nobleman's mistrust of anything new, first because he was young, and

second because he had been raised far away from the Empire and its traditions, and

so had not had the opportunity to learn that older is invariably better. And so he

reflected with sincere pleasure on his home, recalling its marble and obsidian, and

thinking about improvements he might make.

Next, he mentally went through the convolutions of certain spells that he had been

his most recent study, and he thought about the upcoming battle, and the

compliment he had been paid by Sethra Lavode—from whom a compliment had

meaning if it had meaning from anyone.

After that, he thought about his Circle of Witches, now strong enough so that

keeping the castle in the air was routine, automatic, and required only the least

supervision from Arra, who instead could devote the energies to her two interests:

studying the nature of witchcraft, and continuing prayers to the Demon Goddess.

Neither of these, we realize, are of much practical use, but if we indicated that Arra

was of a pragmatical character, we have been wrong to do so, and so we therefore

tender our apologies.

Presently, he realized that he could safely manage a teleport.

His focus on Blackchapel was remarkably easy—he had only begun, and

instantly it brought itself to his mind, so that the accomplishment of the teleport was,

in fact, carried off without difficulty. The first thing that he noticed was the abrupt

change in temperature: whereas Dzur Mountain had been chilly, even cold, here it

was rather warm, although a certain refreshing breeze came off the Thundering Lake,

with the freshwater smell that he had been unaware of missing until it reached him

once more. In appearance, the inside of the chapel, which was unoccupied when he

appeared there, was little changed from when he had last seen it. That it was still in

use could be seen by the lack of cobwebs and dust, and there were, perhaps,


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