Hope's Child by Helen R. Myers

Hope's Child by Helen R. Myers

Author:Helen R. Myers [Myers, Helen R.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Category
ISBN: 9780373655274
Publisher: Silhouette
Published: 2010-07-14T23:00:00+00:00

Hours later as night fell and the town collected to wait for the fireworks to begin Lyon was still stinging from Hope’s suggestion. He couldn’t believe that she’d all but encouraged him to be with another woman. Like a barbed hook caught in his flesh, he could barely breathe, let alone move, without sharp pain incapacitating him. Did Will do such a number on her self-esteem that she thought all men were capable and willing to behave like that regardless of commitment or respect for her reputation?It had to be the pregnancy doing something to her logic. “Pragmatic” his backside. She wanted him every bit as much as he wanted her—and he was on the edge of eaten up with it. What was holding her back?

He’d never seen her more beautiful and desirable than she was now, blooming with the life inside her. He watched her yards away sitting on a blanket with Kent Roberts’ two kids, trying to keep them entertained while wife Shana gave the new baby a bottle. Hope was routinely dipping a long-stemmed wand into the container of soap and blowing bubbles that the children were trying to make land on their hands and arms like resting butterflies, then squealing when they burst. With her white sparkly top and her gleeful smile, Hope outshined everyone in his range of vision—even the stars. He didn’t want this relentless ache in his belly, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“We lucked out all around this year, didn’t we?” the mayor said coming up beside him and leaning against his patrol car as Lyon was doing. “Just enough rain this week to keep the fire threat minimal, but not enough to make the fair grounds a disaster for parking and picnicking.”

“Uh-huh,” Lyon replied.

“It was still a good idea to spray for mosquitoes earlier in the week. Glad you suggested that.”


“Of course, I’d feel a lot better if that herd of feral hogs wasn’t getting too close for comfort.”

“Uh—” Lyon turned his head and frowned at Kent. “What did you say?”

“Just checking to see if you were paying attention.” His old schoolmate matched Lyon’s stance—arms and ankles crossed—and nodded at his family and Hope. “Marriage obviously agrees with her. I don’t know when I’ve seen her looking better, and that’s no empty compliment.”

“Can’t disagree with you,” Lyon replied.

“Does she know about the meeting on Monday?”


“You going to let her attend?”

Hope was her own woman. The idea that he could order her to stay away was nothing short of ludicrous, and the look he gave his friend said as much.

The stocky man with the wavy brown hair shrugged. “She’s your wife. I figured there were some things Miss Independent would now be willing to defer to you on.”

“How’s that working for you with Shana?”

Kent rubbed at his whisker-darkened chin. “Good point. But then you’re still on your honeymoon. Shana hasn’t forgiven me for getting her pregnant again before the other two were out of preschool.”

Although Lyon winced inwardly at


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