GAY: Light In The Darkness by Desiree Cole

GAY: Light In The Darkness by Desiree Cole

Author:Desiree Cole [Cole, Desiree]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Sensual Ink
Published: 2016-04-20T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Two

As the party wore on, Kylar felt himself growing more depressed. The conversations that he had with the businessmen and their wives were shallow and boring. Jessica had long since abandoned him to flirt with some new face or another.

Not that he cared. At least if she cheated on him he could dump her without too many questions.

When his step-mother wound up doubled over a vase, drunk off of wine and champagne, he took the chance to excuse himself for the night. While his father was trying to do some damage control, he quickly retreated out into the humid night air before anyone could protest.

Once outside, Kylar undid his tie and slipped into his car with a groan. At least now he could go home and hide out in his room. If he hurried, he might be able to sketch out a few new ideas before he went to bed and forgot the night ever happened.

Pulling off his jacket so he felt less constricted, he began to make his way down the road. Cranking up the radio once again to his favorite rock channel, he zoned out on the road, forcing all the thoughts of his father from his head. In that moment, he was free.

About an hour away from his father’s house, that freedom was quickly stripped away from him. As he rolled down the road, a stench like burning plastic started to rise out of his air vents. As he turned down his radio, he flinched when a grating sound filled the air. Metal scraped against metal as his engine clanked and whirred furiously. Before he could so much as slow down, smoke started to billow out of the engine and, cursing, Kylar pulled off the side of the road.

“Son of a bitch!” he roared, moving out of his car and popping the hood so he could peer at the engine. Swearing as a plume of steam and smoke billowed out of the engine, he coughed, eyeing the contents of his engine and grumbling to himself. He wasn’t familiar with the inner workings of most cars, but he knew for a fact they weren’t supposed to be leaking smoke, steam, and water.

Looking around himself, Kylar felt a groan fall from his lips as he realized how far he was from the nearest civilization. Stranded out in the middle of nowhere, he was probably looking at another few hours before any sort of roadside assistance could come get him.

Moving back to his car, he threw open the door and pulled out his cellphone, moving away from the steaming pile of garbage he called a car, and sitting on the dried grass with a grunt.

This was just not his night.

He was just trying to start looking for the number of any nearby tow company, when he spotted a car moving down the road. Expecting them to just keep driving, he blinked when the massive truck rolled to a stop just behind his own car. He moved slowly to his


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