Family Incestry by IRpony

Family Incestry by IRpony

Author:IRpony [IRpony]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Fimfiction
Published: 2013-05-13T08:50:02+00:00

Then she felt it. Deep within her a very familiar sensation arose, distracting her from the pleasures of having her rectum plugged. It told her things could end very badly.

“Shining I think I have to-“

“Ahh, hold on Twiley,” Shining said continuing to assault his sister’s rear. That same jerking motion she had felt in her pussy now present in her ass.

At once, everything came. Shining soiled the inside of his little sister, the opposite of where she had taken it previously. This time she couldn’t use her tongue to taste it, but it still gave a very pleasurable feeling of being warm and full. The feeling sparked the same reaction as when she had felt it hit her throat. Her marehood drained a sticky fluid of its own out onto the bed, further dampening the already soaked sheets. However there was still an emergency. Pressing her cheeks together as hard as she could, Twilight made a mad dash for the bathroom as she dripped cum across the floor.

“Twiley?” Shining said surprised, now reclining on the bed. His stallionhood expended but proud of its performance. Even managing an encore.

Reaching the edge of the porcelain, Twilight relaxed her sphincter emptying her bowels.

Just in time. By a slim margin, she had avoided a rather unpleasant accident. Semen and other unmentionables polluted the water below, the results of taking her anal virginity. Sitting on the toilet in her post coitus state, Twilight realized the magnitude of what she had done. Innocently she had played her brother into outright banging her. What would it mean for their relationship in the future? Could she ever look at him the same way again, after having sex with a member of her own family?

It was still too early tell.


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