Ecological Politics: For Survival and Democracy by Rensenbrink John

Ecological Politics: For Survival and Democracy by Rensenbrink John

Author:Rensenbrink, John [Rensenbrink, John]
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Religion as a Source of

Comfort and Joy for the People

In some religious institutions in some times and places, being related prevails over being separate. Hierarchies are less important. Ritual, doctrine, and priestly office are attuned to interactive learning, healing, and seeking. A spiritual neighborliness suffuses the whole. These places and times are more the exception than the rule. But they can grow and will grow apace as society throughout achieves a revolution rooted in being related.

It must not be overlooked that throughout history the people have on their own embraced, or inspired, or generated songs and sayings that sustain them in their faith and in their longing for comfort and joy in their daily lives. “Oh tidings of comfort and joy” is a well-known Christian hymn. Other compelling examples from the Christian religion:

“Jesus lover of my soul, let me to thy bosom fly.”


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