Dateworthy by Dennie Hughes

Dateworthy by Dennie Hughes

Author:Dennie Hughes
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: dating advice, relationships, love and romance, dating, relationship books
Publisher: Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale
Published: 2004-11-09T05:00:00+00:00

Keep in mind that the best fate dates happen when you’re attending something that you have a huge interest in. Meeting someone at a language class, wine tasting, or a music festival gives you an automatic something-in-common to talk about. (And hey, even if you didn’t meet the someone to steal your heart, you’ve enriched your life in other ways!) My favorite: Volunteer! You’ll help others and meet people like yourself—with big hearts.

Fate dates can happen anywhere and everywhere—while doing errands, shopping, working out; attending neighborhood events, church, classes; volunteering, or even keeping a friend company while she’s making her daily rounds! Here are a few of mine.

…Going on a mid-morning, iced coffee run to a nearby deli, I ran into Matt, who was running late to his job—he bought my coffee in exchange for the digits…

…Went shopping with my mom for an outfit for a dance I didn’t have a date to. As I passed the shoe store, I noticed the cutest sales guy and detoured in. Bill tried to sell me an evening bag—I said it was too small to fit all my stuff. He made a bet that everything would fit or he’d take me to the dance. It didn’t…so he did…

…Walking my basset hound, I bumped into—and then was tangled with—Bob and his golden retriever…

…At the dentist’s office for my wisdom-tooth surgery follow-up, and looking like hell. Ron was sitting across from me, and when he caught my eye, I convinced myself to talk to him anyway. I said, “You know, I don’t always look like I just went ten rounds…” and he laughed.


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