Careful What You Wish For (Corporate Chaos Series Book 4) by Leighann Dobbs & Lisa Fenwick

Careful What You Wish For (Corporate Chaos Series Book 4) by Leighann Dobbs & Lisa Fenwick

Author:Leighann Dobbs & Lisa Fenwick [Dobbs, Leighann]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-05-15T16:00:00+00:00

Harper let out a long sigh, rolled out the giant blueprint for the runway onto her desk, and sat, eager to figure out what was going on with the design issue. After she'd left Logan downstairs, she'd been busy with one thing after another all day, including bringing yet another giant vase of flowers up to Gertie’s office. It had been so big she could barely carry it, and Gertie’s office was filling so fast it was starting to look like a dang flower shop. She hoped the interruptions would stop soon so she could finally focus on the runway setup.

As she examined the prints it became obvious the runway, set up downstairs, was definitely different from the blueprints. She doubted it was a mistake. Her mind started to race, worrying Veronica might think she was involved in messing it up, since she'd just found her in there and questioned Harper about what she was doing. She forced herself to stop thinking negative thoughts, replacing them with encouragement, reminding herself Logan had stuck up for her. By now, he knew she wasn’t the one sabotaging things, and she knew she could find out who it was if she focused carefully on what her next steps would be.

So, how could she use this runway situation to capture the culprit? She stood and paced around her office, her heels clicking as she patrolled the wooden floor.

The show was in two days, and she needed to stop this person before they did something major, ruining everything for Gertie and everyone else who worked there. She stood next to the window, basking in the late rays of the sun which was slowly creeping down behind the buildings and closed her eyes to concentrate.

Wait a minute! She ran to the drawing, spinning it around so it was facing her and looked at it again. Why change the setup? What was this person trying to achieve by doing it? The models could still go along the runway, so why did it matter where the weak spot was? She squinted as she looked at the drawing, trying to envision the runway downstairs versus what it was supposed to look like according to the drawings.

Her heart froze when she realized what was going on. The way the runway had been set up, the part of the catwalk that would be next to the river, was where it had buckled when she'd stood on it. If it happened with a wheelchair model on it, the platform would pitch forward at a steep angle, and the model would plunge into the river in her wheelchair! Given many of the models couldn’t use their legs, this would certainly kill someone. What kind of sicko would want to do that, and why?

She already knew it could be Ben, but she'd also seen George downstairs near the runway. Really, there were a lot of people involved in the construction of it. So, how could someone make changes, and have it built the wrong


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