Bring on the empty horses by David Niven

Bring on the empty horses by David Niven

Author:David Niven [Niven, David]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: New York : Putnam, [1975]
Published: 1975-11-14T09:00:00+00:00

Harry Cohn, the foul-mouthed and dynamic head of Columbia Pictures, once enlisted Colman's help in another situation that called for quiet charm. Cohn had fallen in love with The White Cliffs of Dover, a piece by Alice Duer Miller, but was meeting resistance from her because she feared that he might not have the taste and finesse to translate it to the screen. Colman was shooting a picture at Columbia so Cohn begged him to invite Alice Duer Miller to the Studios, give her luncheon, show her around and generally soften her up. 'Tell the old bag how goddamned tasteful I am,' said Cohn. 'Shit! I'm making "The Lost Fucking Horizon" ain't I?'

Colman dutifully did his best and Alice Duer Miller was visibly weakening during luncheon in his dressing-room. Afterwards he took her on a tour of the rabbit warren of a studio, avoiding the seamier parts of it.

He thought she might be impressed by a walk through the writers' building because on the doors were the titles of forthcoming productions and the well-known names of those slaving over the screenplays within. The place, smelling of coffee, was impressive with its air of quiet concentration and the steady 'clacking' of typewriters underlined the industry of Harry Cohn's employees.

'This picture will be going into production soon,' said Colman, pointing to a door on which was written —




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